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When I dream, it is my world, then I wake up.

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When I dream, it is my world, then I wake up.

Sometimes, Lord, I would like something to hold on to,
yet that is impossible for all I have is this naked moment,
then there is this instant, and now yet another one!

When young, it was my world,
now I am not sure what my world is anymore,
for like sand in my hand, my days slip through,
falling, where I wonder, all that sand I cannot grasp?

When I dream, it is my world, then I wake up.

Sometimes during the day, I will wake up as well,
out of the daze of just living, reacting,
but in reality, just dreaming.

In prayer, I awaken,  this moment, so precious,
it will only pass once by me,
how often I waste this exquisite currency,
yet Lord, whatever moment I am in,
even once the sand has left my grasp,
you are in all moments,

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