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I just kept hearing "you will never be denied

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I just kept hearing "you will never be denied
(from a online friend)

Below is a beautiful meditation from a friend I have online.  I love what he has to say because I know that many others are walking the same path he is…..perhaps we all are.  Walking in a desert, seeking the living waters.  In any case, I am happy to share this and hope that some may find some healing, and hope in knowing that they are not alone in their search for what is most important….love.—Br.MD

(Quote:))  I thought you would enjoy a brief conversation I had with the Holy Spirit tonight that made me tear up and also smile. Only He can do that.

I was mulling over my life long sense of a lack of love, from my family, from pretty much everyone. I am like a sponge that is dry on the sink back mostly. I was talking to him about that and pondering that maybe it is a life lesson I simply have this lifetime - or the perception that I am not loved much at least. Then, I thought a bit more and remarked that maybe this is not me, maybe it is this world that is like walking through a desert when it comes to love/water. Maybe this simply IS the human experience down here.

A quiet inner voice said, "to a large part, that is a true observation."

and I considered that and other people and then said well, I am certain there are people out there who do have healthy and solid love in their lives, or marriages or families.

The quiet voice said, "Yes, there are."

I mulled this more, and my own 80 years of dealing with this and all I have ever known to do is seek God more. God loves me and sometimes I can feel it and lose the sense of being unloved for a while. Over my life, the more I have hurt about it the more I have sought Him. It seems to grow worse the older I get for some reason. I also feel closer to Him as the years have passed. I finally thought, "Well, that is a precious consequence of the hurt, if it works for drawing me closer. I am ok with that, actually. Fair price. Perhaps if I did not feel unloved I would not be seeking you night and day. The desire, the hunger, the longing."

I was thinking about that and sitting quietly with Him, and to my surprise, He spoke a bit longer on it. He said, "Love is the one critical thing. Love the Lord Your God with all your heart, soul and mind. You see, if you do this and long for and desire with your being to be satisfied within that love, then there it is. You will never ever be denied of that desire of your own heart. You will never be denied that. As for your other thoughts, it is a common wound for those who are called to walk more closely with Me. You do understand the prize for persevering in this challenge." 

I just kept hearing "you will never be denied" and teared up. The smile came when I felt such a wash of His love, almost like laughter, a chuckle and fondness.

Life is crazy at times. Rare moments like this are beyond price.  (Unquote)

P.S. My friend has learned that faith and trust are choices, we just don’t fall into them. 


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