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I have a question for those who know a thing or two about evolutionary psychology.

I know that anger is a healthy emotion.  If you never felt angry, people could walk all over you and rip you off, and you wouldn't do anything about it.

However, how is it is beneficial for a person to sometimes feel frustrated....like when a person is trying to complete a task and they run into difficulties and get frustrated as a result?

For example, I became a little frustrated a few days ago when I was volunteering at a public library.  I was stocking book shelves when I accidentally knocked a few books off of the shelf, causing them to land on the ground (just for the record, I only got somewhat frustrated, nothing abnormal).

Does anyone know why people are programmed to get frustrated at times?


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I think for me it’s a matter of how tired I am. If something happens in the morning, I barely react. But if it’s later in the evening, I’ll yell at myself for something very minor that just happened to occur when I was at some mysterious, unknown tipping point.

Early one morning I started my coffeemaker, then went about my business. I’d forgotten to place the carafe under the filter basket, and by the time I walked back into the kitchen the water had overtopped the filter and spread coffee and coffee grounds all over the counter. It didn’t even faze me. I cleaned up the mess and later that day I wrote a funny story about it on Facebook.

The room I sleep in doesn’t have a heater vent, so on cold nights I turn on the electric blanket a couple of hours before I go to bed. One evening I went to my room to turn on the blanket and saw that I’d forgotten to turn it off that morning. I yelled at myself. (YOU IDIOT!) Then I thought, “Whoa, where did that come from?” What a silly thing to scold myself for. I guess I was just at the point where my tired, overworked brain could no longer handle any more silly mistakes.

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