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Lord, let us not forget what you are about (C

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Lord, let us not forget what you are about
(Christmas 2019)

In the world today peace is rare,
not only in the world at large,
but in each of our hearts.

Suffering and loss continue as is expected,
as sad as that is for us.

Yet within this world, often cold and dark,
Our Lord became man out of love for this tired sphere,
entering into our lives, bearing our burdens,
coming with unutterable love
that can be forgotten.

It is a joyous season, we give gifts,
connect with families, eat with those we love,
and remember our Savior Jesus Christ
become man.

Lord, let us not forget what you are about,
how your love leads you to bear our burdens,
and that in the end, we are pilgrims
though a world that is many things,
glorious, beautiful wondrous,
filled with life, but also with other
darker ‘things’. 

In all of this
let us see that even in the darker moments,
painful moments, of loss and yes even despair,
you are ‘God-With-Us, let us grow
in understanding in what that means.

And that as pilgrims we are always moving forward,
no rest as of yet, but one day will be achieved
in your Infinite, eternal embrace.—Br.MD


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