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Urantia- and some of W.S. Sadler's Nastiness




Found this 


80:2.2 (890.6) The purer indigo elements moved southward to the forests of central Africa, where they have ever since remained. The more mixed groups spread out in three directions: The superior tribes to the west migrated to Spain and thence to adjacent parts of Europe, forming the nucleus of the later Mediterranean long-headed brunet races. The least progressive division to the east of the Sahara plateau migrated to Arabia and thence through northern Mesopotamia and India to faraway Ceylon. The central group moved north and east to the Nile valley and into Palestine.

"Long Headed"......This caught my interest. 

Then I found this.


'Long Heads and Round Heads or What's the Matter with Germany'

Anybody wishing to slug through it is more than welcome. Northern Asians and Algonquians are round headed so it made me throw up a little in my mouth.

This idea was also grabbed by many "Developmental Centers" ruining lives, people written off as stupid because the shape of their skull........

Here's another of Sadler's gems...."Racial Hygiene"  Shweeet! 


Hygiene is a selfish cause, which aims to improve the pres ent generation ;
 eugenics is a truly altruistic enterprise which looks ahead and works for the improvement of the next and future generations. 


I love this one.......


“In the forests man has always deteriorated; human evolution has made progress only in the open and in the higher latitudes. The cold and hunger of the open lands stimulate action, invention, and resourcefulness. While these Andonic tribes were developing the pioneers of the present human race amidst the hardships and privations of these rugged northern climes, their backward cousins were luxuriating in the southern tropical forests of the land of their early common origin.”

This is lovely.......The finest agriculturalists in the world were the agro-foresters. Some techniques can't be reproduced even today. While Urantia describes the Garden of Eden as little more than a oversize WPA farm. Sadler completely missed the fact that agro-foresters did create a literal Garden of Eden. One that even maintained itself. While his "Adamites" worked their butts off and dealt with poor sanitation in his imaginary red brick WWII Era farmstead. 



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28 minutes ago, Will Due said:

The papers that were published in 1955 as the Urantia Book were written in 1934-35. The authors of the Urantia Book do not promote the killing of anyone.

I didnt said they did, but its the hole book thats toxic.


The term 'eugenics' is used in the UB as a reference to improving peoples lives biologically. Not to eliminate them before they have an opportunity to be alive.

Eugenics is about the manipulation of the genetic pool. Again, every idea and/or any attempt for a genetic manipulation is based on exclusion of tribes/genetic lines. Thus, every idea and/or any attempt for a genetic manipulation in between 1934 and 1955 consider sterilization at least. BTW 1934, was Heinrich Himmler a co-autor of the book? Henry Ford maybe as well?

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Manwon Lender


2 hours ago, Will Due said:


Very well said. All of that is exactly what the UB says. Except it adds this:

Every human being is equally capable of achieving enlightenment like those who are revered today as prophets. In fact, it lays out how normal and universal it is. 

In so doing, it emphasizes that everyone is special while no one is special. 



No that is not What UB said, what I am simply saying is there are no GODS.

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Davros of Skaro


9 hours ago, Will Due said:


The relevant thing about Thought Adusters is that everyone is indwelt by one. However diverse we are as individuals, either by race, by intellectual capacity, by spiritual aptitude, and so on, it makes us all equal.

The manner of how our thoughts are being adjusted are identical.

The racial element is not involved at all and in the confines of this blog Piney, isn't that highly relevant?





Thank you. 


Every mortal who is consciously or unconsciously following the leading of his indwelling Adjuster is living in accordance with the will of God.


Can you really realize the true significance of the Adjuster’s indwelling? Do you really fathom what it means to have an absolute fragment of the absolute and infinite Deity, the Universal Father, indwelling and fusing with your finite mortal natures? When mortal man fuses with an actual fragment of the existential Cause of the total cosmos, no limit can ever be placed upon the destiny of such an unprecedented and unimaginable partnership. In eternity, man will be discovering not only the infinity of the objective Deity but also the unending potentiality of the subjective fragment of this same God. Always will the Adjuster be revealing to the mortal personality the wonder of God, and never can this supernal revelation come to an end, for the Adjuster is of God and as God to mortal man.


Origin and Nature of Thought Adjusters



^This is the most weirdest description for the Dopamine Reward System I have ever seen.


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Davros of Skaro


6 hours ago, Will Due said:

The papers that were published in 1955 as the Urantia Book were written in 1934-35.

Let me correct that for you. 

The UB was created, and fiddled with by a group of people of various professions for roughly around 20 years before being published. 

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11 hours ago, Will Due said:


Racism is the state of mind that says if you think you're superior to others, you have the right to oppress them.

The UB does not support this.

Eventhough it points out the racial differences between us, it emphasizes the brotherhood of all mankind and how that's due to the fatherhood of God. 



Hey Will

That's a big steaming pile of horse hockey. It outright states superior races.

The superior tribes to the west migrated to Spain and thence to adjacent parts of Europe's

Saddler and the UB are a disgrace to the species.


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Anyone who keeps talking about their own race, is surely a racist. How could it be otherwise ? When people talk to me about their pride in their culture, and especially when they don't even live the culture, I know I am dealing with a mental midget.

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