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He saw everything, and loved




He saw everything, and loved
We are all called to interior freedom,
yet like everything in this world,
there is a price to be paid.
The armor of man is easier to wear
than the armor of God.
To go against, to fight,
to hate, and seek revenge.
To devalue as less than human
those we despise,
is how we protect ourselves
from seeing the humanity of others.
Jesus was free to love, to see deeply
and yet embrace.
The chains of self-loathing were never there,
his ‘Heart’ never closed,
in that like the most loving of Mothers’
and strongest of Fathers he looked on
and wept at our deep interior lives.
He saw everything, and loved, suffered,
and rejoiced with the love and good he also experienced.
Imagine how wonderfully strange is our God,
to come as an infant, vulnerable,
born away from home in a manger.
Yes a God of surprises,
perhaps one day the ‘big surprise’
will be poured out upon all of us,
humans, who do not know our left hand
from our right.—Br.MD

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