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How I understand New Year's






How I understand New Year's

I have always wondered about all the fuss about New Year's Eve. As I age I am beginning to understand a little bit more. At rock-bottom, it is about the desire to let go of the past, find healing, and begin again. It is about mercy, compassion, though I believe that this hope is often unconscious, Yet, we can be driven by the past, making the same mistakes, until we learn to embrace mercy, from God, from others, and in the end, to have mercy on ourselves as well. Which is a form of self-love that is the most healthy and life-affirming......it is also called conversion, an ongoing life long process

Blessed and Happy New Year--Br.MD



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The Truman show


You say goodbye to the old year. Hello to the New Year. A new beginning. Emotional cleansing.  A bit like taking a toilet beak during intermission of your movie life.  

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Happy new year to you and everybody. :)

Thank you for sharing all your thoughts in here, it means so much even if you aren't a Christian because you share universal love! 865.gif





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For the last few years, each New Year's Day I've worried that the new year won't be as good as the previous year.  I hope 2020 will be as good for me as 2019 was.

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