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You can't be Brother Mark!

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You can't be Brother Mark!


One day, a few months ago, a woman was checking into the retreat house for one of our retreats. As we talked, as I am most likely do, I joked a lot with her. I can be a bit of a clown.


She asked me my name, and I responded that I am Br. Mark, the guest-master. She looked at me in unbelief and stated that I could not possibly be Br. Mark, because he is very serious!


So I thought about it, and walked into the restroom near the office and looked into the mirror. I came back, and said, I am sorry, but the reflection I saw in the mirror was Br. Mark, so it must be me!


So she looked at me, and said, well I guess you are, I thought you looked like Br. Mark when I walked in, but you know how it is, you monks all look alike!


Then I laughed.--Br.MD




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