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When our time comes

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When our time comes
When we die, on our death bed, hopefully, wore out and tired, will people mourn for us, or be happy that we are gone? It is not always easy to be a decent loving human being, it is no easier to be someone who makes life miserable for others. In one, we struggle with ourselves to spare others, and n that we find friends and many who love us. In the other, we put or misery on others to seek to escape anger and pain, but in the end, all we get is ourselves poured back sevenfold, like sour wine out of an endless chalice.
Christ calls us to become ever more human, more humble and less shocked at the foibles of others since all can be enchained to them. I seek to love, but often not the death to self that allows that to happen, I then bleed from a wound that will never heal. Fire burns and heals at the same time if embraced if not, all it does is wound deeper without healing.--Br.MD
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When someone is on his or her deathbed, and when that person passes away, I think the first thing others who knew that person will think of is whether the individual was a nice person or a no-so-nice person.

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Yes, the truth will come out, though often kept in one's heart.  Thanks.



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