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Worker In Hospital Who Was Seeing A Therapist



Back in July of 2011, I was a patient in a mental hospital.  It was the second to last time that I've been in one of those places.

While I was there, I got talking to one of the psychiatric technicians (psychiatric techs job are to keep patients in mental hospitals and psych wards safe).  And to my surprise, he told me that he was seeing a therapist at the time.

I don't think a psych tech who is still requiring psychotherapy should be doing that for a living.  Those who work in mental hospitals should be emotionally healthy enough to not have to be in counseling themselves.



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The reasons people seek counsel are for variety upon a verities of reasons.

Some people seek counsel who don't have any mental health issues.

They might just be having issues in their marriage or with their children, some may have financial issues, things along these lines.

I know a few people who have chose the profession and some make me think they need help themselves and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. lol

But I can say that sometimes life takes a toll on people, no matter where a person works or who they are or what profession they chose, we're all equal, no one can escape the troubles of life. 


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Jujo-jo, this psychiatric technician in the mental hospital told me that he was seeing a therapist for his mental health issues...clinical depression, to be more specific.

But I see what you're saying, Jujo-jo.

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