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A face in the crowd

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A face in the crowd
In the crowd, the milling thousands,
people and their humanity are lost,
yet there are times when I see a face,
a woman, a child or an older man, or woman,
rushing along carried by the stream of humanity,
preoccupied with their own worries and pain,
or perhaps reliving some joy or another,
yet to me, it can just be a face,
seen once and then forgotten.
They have no name, just someone rushing by,
or if I am part of the throng
avoiding me, stepping aside
no eye contact, there are too many.
For am I, not just another ‘face’
soon to be forgotten,
a piece of ‘something’
getting in the way?
I too become an object in the eyes of others,
Among that rushing river of life
each is a universe unto themselves,
as am I,
and much that is unknown
 to their own inner awareness,
yet before God, they are beloved,
eternal beings sought after,
for whom Jesus died.
When I forget my own dignity before God,
that I am God’s beloved,
I also forget to see the depth of those around me.
They become mere objects that get in the way.--Br.MD
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