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The Demon Warrior Speaks

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Paranormal Investigators Found Dead: Warning!

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Paranormal Investigators Found Dead: A Warning
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka Wish Fire
Halo Paranormal Investigations
Sacramento Paranormal Help
Email: jazmaonline@gmail.com

Sacramento Paranormal Haunted Hotline: 916 203 7503

The paranormal is usually fun, but it also can be a dangerous thing. Not only do we have to journey out on eerie adventures to find this energy, it is also spiritually threatening.

This means that going around the occult/paranormal and haunted locations and situations can cause some energy to attach to you.

What happens when energy attaches to you is that you will start to feel drained of any positivity. 

It can manifest in your body, relationships, mind and emotions.

Many people who are drawn to the paranormal have psychic abilities and gifts of which they are not yet aware of, but seem to lead them into the mysterious unknown. Unfortunately, your ability to sense and feel stronger than normal can also be a weakness if you are not totally aware!

Be careful when dealing in the paranormal. Do your research. Ask questions. Identify who you are in order to detach from the negative thoughts and emotions that may suddenly effect you. 

Know that the energy you feel is not only yours, but may be from a spirit/ghost or demonic energy.

Evil is the opposite of love, so if you start feeling a lack of self love, it's another sign you may be targeted.

The spirits thoughts can become yours, make you doubt yourself and easily cause paranoia, harsh thoughts, critical judgement and miscommunication in someone. 

Because this energy is destructive it may eventually lead down the path of repetitive thoughts of self-harm/addictive behaviors and enchanting delusions which manifest into lustful desires that you never had before.

People that we have known in this industry have fallen away into deep depressions, anxious behaviours or suddenly turning hateful towards us or others that they love.

That is why self-blessings are important, safety prayers and protective charms, amulets and items are recommended.

It is sort of foolish to expect that you would never be influenced by the endless stream of changing energies around us, so make sure to acknowledge your light and shadows before entering the paranormal.

I have known personally people who had an interest in the occult and ghost hunting who did eventually commit suicide or commit violent acts, usually towards people whom they used to care about, which seemed out of character.

Maybe the behavior was in them all along and they were attracted to death or perhaps a demon found it's way... either way I don't want to read another headline which says


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