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Bendy's Thoughts

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Bendy Demon


No..I don't mean the browser..

But anyways I was watching the Pixar movie "Brave" (yeah..I'm an adult and I watch animated movies, ok? :P ) and afterwards I decided to go on Amazon to see how other people viewed the movie and I was astonished how hardly anyone understood the real meaning behind the movie and just WHY it was called "Brave".

It wasn't because Merida (the main character) went into the forest to undo a silly and potentially fatal mistake and no, she was not being brave for asking a witch for help without being specific (the witch wasn't evil but simply gave Merida what she asked for..) and turning her mother into a bear but rather she was being "Brave" by challenging an age old tradition of marrying just because it supposedly cemented nations rather than basing it on love or choice.

This was the gist of the movie..Merida resented having her life and marital partner chosen for her before she had a chance to live her own life and simply wanted to control her own destiny; in that sense, Merida's mother becoming a bear also enabled her to understand how important it was to have control over ones destiny and realized that sometimes, traditions need to be broken before real progress can be made.

Why was a bear chosen for both Elanor (Merida's mother) and Mordu (one of the sons of a long past king)?

In Celtic mythology as well as others, the bear can represent strength and protection. In the case of Elanor, even though Merida really messed up she still sought to protect and support her throughout this journey even though she ran the risk of being a real bear forever.

In the case of Mordu, however, the bear represented unbridled fury, strength and power, an anger and rage that can know no bounds and Mordu allowed himself to be utterly consumed by it and was never tempered with any shred of love, compassion, restraint or understanding.

The movie "Brave" is far more deep and symbolic than just a rusty haired girl who tired of the 'princess' gig but about an individual who wanted to live life as a free person and not be forced into a loveless situation just because tradition demanded it.

Also..people misunderstood the witch's chant "Fate be changed, look inside and mend the bond, torn by pride"

it had little to do with the tapestry being physically torn in anger rather that the tapestry represented how the family could be irreversibly torn aprt by refusing to listen and being hasty in seeking a solution based on power, greed and misunderstanding.

Yes, Merida did mend  the tapestry but it was also symbolic of her realizing how important family was and how she grew by realizing how rash her actions were and what can happen if we don't listen to reason.

With Mordu there is a parallel because in his old castle there is a stone depicting his royal family and how his image was shattered away from the rest of his brothers and everything his lineage had worked for was destroyed by an insatiable hunger and lust for power and force and never realizing his true strength lay in supporting his brothers..being a pillar of strength for them to rely on, not a war cannon.

So what's the point of this? I dunno..just wanted to casually write stuff....


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