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The Demon Warrior Speaks

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King's Skate Country Haunted?

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By Paul Dale Roberts, Demonologist
Halo Paranormal Investigations
Sacramento Paranormal Help
Email: jazmaonline@gmail.com
Sacramento Paranormal Haunted Hotline: 916 203 7503
I am wondering if King's Skate Country roller rink in Franklin, CA is haunted.  I know a few people in the small town of Franklin, CA who make claim that it is haunted.  King's Skate Country roller rink has the Franklin Cemetery right down the street.  In fact it's an easy walk from King's Skate Country to the cemetery.  Buried at the Franklin Cemetery is notable Alexander Hamilton Willard (1778-1865) of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  One of our investigations in Franklin, CA was at Soulution Ink.  Soulution Ink was very haunted and it's practically right next door to King's Skate Country.  HPI even had Channel 3 News with us during the 2nd investigation and we obtained evidence of the paranormal right in front of Channel 3 News cameras.
On 4/18/2020 I received a phone call from a person named Steve, they do not want to be fully identified.  Steve says that for a period of 3 years when he lived in Elk Grove, he would head over to King's Skate Country to roller skate.  He said he met some good people there and always had a blast roller skating with his friends.  Steve says he has some fond memories of King's Skate Country.  Steve says that on one particular night, he was in the town of Franklin, CA and had parked in the parking lot with his girlfriend.  Steve says it was late and King's Skate Country was closed.  Steve wanted some alone time with his girlfriend and found it convenient to be parked there.  Steve heard of stories of the ghost of Gunslinger Calvin Colt and was familiar with my investigation of Calvin Colt as seen here: www.thefirering.com/GS_CalvinColt.php
Steve never thought he would be experiencing something paranormal at King's Skate Country, but on this night Steve and his girlfriend saw a frightening image of a man in a black trench coat, black cowboy hat.  This menacing figure just appeared out of nowhere.  Steve tried to start his car, but as hard as he would try to get the car started, it wouldn't start.  The menacing figure started walking towards Steve's parked car.  The menacing figure was holding on what appeared to be 2 guns on his waist belt.  The menacing figure kept approaching and all of a sudden there was a crackling sound that came out of nowhere and when they looked again towards the approaching figure, the figure was gone.  Steve believes he may have witnessed the apparition of Calvin Colt.  When the apparition vanished, Steve's car started back up and Steve sped out of there and dropped his shaken girlfriend back to her home and Steve went straight home and to bed.  The next morning Steve had a sharp pain on the side of his stomach.  The pain lasted for 2 hours and Steve wonders if the pain was from Calvin Colt?  Steve believes the apparition that he saw was Calvin Colt. 
Hearing Steve's story I do believe that Steve and his girlfriend have witnessed the apparition of Calvin Colt.  My wife Deanna Jaxine Stinson, a psychic medium has picked up on many spirits that haunt the town of Franklin and Deanna says that there is a lot of residual energy in this town too.  I talked to a few people in Franklin and they say that late at night at King's Skate Country you can hear people roller skating, laughing and talking and there is no one inside, this is probably the residual energy that resonates inside of this roller rink.  Here is an example of a possible haunting at a ice rink, see this link here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ni_s3yMrH0
It's not unusual for a roller rink or an ice rink where people go to have fun, to have a spirit lingering around or having residual energy remaining inside it's facility.  If I was a ghost, I would want to haunt a place that gave me good memories.  Here is my investigation at the haunted Iceland Ice Arena in Del Paso Heights, a fine example of a haunting at a ice rink:  www.trueghosttales.com/stories/haunting-ice-arena.php
And to verify a haunting at the Iceland Ice Arena, is testimony from Becky Magnuson as seen here: sacramentopress.com/2010/05/22/becky-magnuson-paranormal-experiencer-del-paso-heights-iceland-ghost-story/
I have never investigated King's Skate Country, but if you were to ask me if I think this old skating rink is haunted, I would have to say "yes".  Now if I can get the opportunity to investigate this roller rink, I would be thrilled! 
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