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Instructor Took Her Profession Very Seriously



Back in the early 2000's, I attended a community college as a Human Services major.

One of the first classes I attended was taught by a Social Worker/Therapist (a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, or LCSW).  And one of the first things she told the class is that she takes teaching her profession as well as working in her profession very seriously.

Although she expected a lot from her students such as myself, I didn't think what was required in order to do well in her class was unusually difficult or anything like that.  However, she wanted us students to take the class as serious as she did.  She let us know that.

And that was with good reason.  If you work in the human services field as a mental health worker, you'd better take your work seriously.  Your talking about people's lives, people who need the help from mental health workers/professionals since they can't fight mental illness all by themselves.

If you work as a mental health worker, try to enjoy yourself.  But take it seriously.  And take the your education seriously as well if you're going to college studying to become a mental health worker.  It's important and serious stuff.


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