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What plants teach me

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What plants teach me
I am not much for forest, or lots of scenery, but find rest in the plants that I have in my room. Simple plants, easy to take care of, but to me so beautiful, rooted in the moment, seemingly always at rest.
Some plants I have had for many years, they just grow, get deeper roots, and I change the water from time to time, and fee
I believe my soul is a little like that always at rest, watching, my roots growing deeper with each passing day, and God's grace watering and allowing me to grow, and to be deeply grounded, in the moment, where it is that I come face to face with God.
No matter the moment, or the inner 'whatever', God's 'YES" is constant, even when I waver.--Br.MD
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Markdohle, I'm different than you in the sense that I do like looking at forests and lots of beautiful scenery.

However, I am like you in the sense that I like having plants in my living room.

They are so pretty and beautiful, aren't they?

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