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Views from a small garden



I have a tiny garden in a housing estate in the suburbs of London. That doesn’t mean there is nothing to see.

This afternoon the song of a blackbird attracted my attention, so I headed out into my garden with my camera.

The blackbird was in a tree across the road from me. As he sang his heart out I took pictures.




As I took pictures of the blackbird I became aware that he wasn’t alone. My old friends the parakeets were back.

They were preening each other, feeding each other and (although I make no claim to be David Attenborough) at one stage they may have been attempting to make little baby parakeets.1243689560_Parakeets25-4-20.thumb.JPG.e2a1041d8166e32e358503a04ec866aa.JPG

Soon the blackbird decided to sing from another tree and flew off. The tree didn’t remain silent for long, however. Almost immediately the blackbird departed a Robin arrived and song was restored.



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