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We wrap each other in chains

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We wrap each other in chains
To judge another can be a heavy-weight,
the pain it causes is often not felt as suffering,
yet to judge means to belittle the one judged,
or to carry resentment and anger because they are different.
Or again by holding one to wrongs done to us,
we deepen the wound, giving power to those who hurt us.

We wrap each other in chains from our lack of understanding
of the burdens, we put upon others, just as those who hurt us may
not know or understand what they have done.
To grow in understanding of our own involvement in the world's suffering, can lead to freedom, compassion, and a deeper understanding of God's mercy and compassion towards us.
To know all is to forgive all, we know very little, I know next to nothing, so I strive to leave all judgments to God, who sees all, understands all, and seeks only to heal.--Br.MD
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