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Look For A Therapist Who Mostly Listens?



A ways back, I was reading a self help book written by an experienced psychotherapist.

Near the end of the book, he wrote that if you elect to go into therapy, you should work with a counselor who mostly listens.  He stated that working with a therapist who mostly listens is better and is the most effective way to be treated for mental health issues, such as depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, bipolar disorder, etc.

However, I think he was wrong.  I feel that was an irrational belief on his part because it's different for everyone.  Although many people find it better to work with a shrink who mostly listens, their are others, such as myself, who would rather work with a counselor who has a lot to say during therapy sessions and doesn't just mostly listen.

I think the author of the book was assuming too much.  This shows that sometimes it's the shrinks who have the irrational beliefs.


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