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Our dear friend and Employee Rose Campbell RN

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Yesterday our community got the privilege and honor of seeing Rose Campbell, who for 14 years was our nurse here at the Monastery. She is ill and on hospice at this time.

Nurses are a special breed. The vast majority of them are loving, caring, and because of that can at times drive men crazy. I mean that in a way that is kind, for Rose was a true nurse.

Fr. James, a very good friend of mine, and community member, who has passed on said to me one day, "why does Rose always ask me how I am going". So I paused and said:

"Hmm let me think, perhaps it is because she is a nurse, that is what they do, the care for others, and there is real love and concern. He smiled and agreed. Yes he said "she does show a great deal of care....still drives me crazy".

When Fr. James was going in for some test, he told me that he was very happy that Rose was with him.
She had a great deal of energy, and was always running off after work to 'help one of her little friends'. At first I thought that she only took care of short people, as silly as that sounds, but soon found out that perhaps she would speak of anyone as her little friend. It was perhaps a term of affection.

I was infirmarin in 2005, and was the one her made the final choice to hire her. I liked her right off. She was no push over, she would let you know what she thought, and I feel had good boundaries. When one of the monks was ill she gave 100 percent of her energy to their care.

She has very intense eyes, eagle eyes I would call them. When she laughs they light up, but when she is not so happy they take on the look of a far reaching eagle. Those who know and love her, understand of what I am speaking.

She is also one of the easiest people to bring to laughter. She has a very good sense of humor, and also a very deep serious side. This always came up in how she lives her faith. She is one of the truest Franciscan's I have ever met. In her love of others, in her joy, in her humor and kindness, I have met few who have shown it as well as she has.

So the community prays for her, and however God heals her, in whatever the outcome, her Eagle eyes will always be on those whom she loves. Which is probably pretty much everyone.
Rose made my life richer, and that is true for our community. We are so grateful that she was, and still is part of our lives.--BrMD


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I agree that the vast majority of nurses really do care about others.

I care about others too.  However, I could never handle the stress that nurses often go through.  It's not an easy way to make a living.

I think nurses are a special breed, as most of them can handle unusual stress and because most of them care about their patients and people in general.

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