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I hate this situation



I hate this situation, yet have to live through it
I read today that they expect the cases for convid19 to continue to rise, going from 1500 new cases a day, to 3000. Each of us has to deal with this the best way we can. A highschool classmate reminded me of what generations in the past had to go through, which were in 'fact' much worse than what we are all going through at this time. However, I am sure many will not agree with that because of the effect it is having on their everyday lives.
It does not downplay what is happening now, nor the suffering that people the world over are going through. I do think that we are receiving way too much information, some of it contradictory. I do not know what to believe, so I am starting to limit what I read and to go to the news that I feel that I can trust.
Faith can be a deep comfort, and perhaps give meaning to all that we are experiencing. Yet we still have to deal with the stress build-up that can have a detrimental effect on us.
I do know that in order to be able to choose a healthy response we have to find a way to stop, breathe, and think more on a long term basis, than short term. This can help to deal with the short term in a more logical, rational manner.
Prayer can help with that, because in order to pray we really have to focus, center ourselves, and in that our emotions can be brought more in check.
I hate this situation, yet it must be embraced as well. It has to be lived through, we all know that, but to keep on track day after day for a length of time we do not know, can be fatiguing
I know that this is just me, not saying anything important or new, we all know what we need to do.--Br.MD


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Markdohle, I agree with you that we are receiving too much information about the coronavirus.

That's why I limit how much of the news I read and see on TV, like you are starting to do, Markdohle.  I'm afraid that if I watch it too much, I'll start to worry about the virus too much.  I don't want that.

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Manwon Lender

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Hey Mark, thanks for the blog entry, it shows your are a wise man, and I can't agree more with what you have said.



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