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Over the waterfall

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Over the waterfall
It seems that people want quick opinions,
(as I do I, but they are just personal)
every issue has to have a reply,
so I try not to engage so much,
for I have no idea what is going on.
I do think that things will never be the same,
but are they ever, time is a river, it flows,
yet at this time the river has become a rapid,
fast-moving waters over rocks, and whirlpools,
who knows, we could be moving for a waterfall,
a big one, over the rim we all go, and what remains,
well it is what lands once we hit bottom that we
will find out.
I try to stay centered, pray, and hope, and to choose
to let go of fear.
It is always necessary for faith to grow, it has to deepen,
that happens in how we allow it to chart our course,
and not what everyone else says, or the status quo dictates.
Pray, read, pray, study, pray, love others, and yes pray.--Br.MD
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We could be headed for a waterfall, a big one.  But I try to take the problems and challenges life brings if/when it comes.

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Wise, one day is enough, worry does not help.


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