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My Gift

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Yes, I'm a psychic - however, I'm a private person, and I want to stay a private person!

I almost feel like saying, "I'm black, and I'm proud," even though I'm as white as snow, but being a psychic is a bit mysterious - and it scares some people, and then it makes some other people jealous. In contrast, other people, especially the people who receive and understand my messages, are very happy about it.

I don't do this, use my gift, to prove anything to anyone, I don't do it to be admired or worshipped - I do it, first of all, because I can, and secondly, and most importantly, because of love - because I simply care.

So, when I get messages from someone's dead relatives or friends - then I relay those messages to that person because I know that this person needs to hear it.
Very often, I give these messages to strangers I meet on the street, and I always do it for free!
When I was working in my mom's shop, then I sometimes got messages for the customers, and they were very grateful because I was spot on with the things I said.
I can't explain this gift - but I will try: a new customer comes into my mom's shop, and I suddenly start getting images and names in my mind's eye - I can, for example, see a hospital bed and a woman's name "Jane" laying there, etc. This is inexplicable, even to me!

Anyway, when you have a gift like this, then you should always help people for free - because there is a reason why that person needs a message and it doesn't matter if the person is rich or poor - the person deserves to receive the message you have for them.
It's so very easy for me to do this in real life - I don't it online so often because many people online are not themselves; their alter-ego controls them - and I'm a perfectionist, so I don't have time for childish games - because sometimes people are not ready to receive the messages that I have for them.

We can find corrupt people everywhere - all you need to do is just study the world!
Dishonest people don't have a specific color or a job title. They can be found everywhere - they are unhappy creatures who didn't get enough love in their childhood.

I find it especially sad when I see fake psychics, etc. - because they give genuine psychics a bad name - however, a rational mind knows the difference between real psychics and fake ones!

It's just like a rational mind knows the difference between a sincere person and a liar.


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