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Skin Of Faith

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Skin of faith
Faith should be our skin, covering all aspects of our lives, or if not, growing in that direction over time.
We can have many friends from other faith paths. To have other devout believers of God in one's life can be a boon. To have fanatics, a curse.
God is not an object, not even a being, nor existence, but something truly beyond comprehension. Jesus told us, God is Love, he said, forgive, also, do not judge. Perhaps not even ourselves. It is all dependent on grace and mercy from a God is beyond all ideas, yet revealed as love.
What a love that must be, let us not be accused of putting limits on that love, but truly care for others, and be gentle in all we do, not giving back evil for evil. that should keep us so busy that we do not have time to judge.--Br.MD
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