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Secrets of the Lethe

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Bridge to Enlightenment

The 5th Horseman


Post #1

In 2011 I remembered an incident from my childhood. When I was about 4 years old, I used to have a recurring dream. In my dream I would go to sleep, and in my dream I would be lying on a bench near a cave, nearby i heard flowing water like a river. The last time I had this dream, I saw myself lying on a bench, near a white cave, and heard the flowing water. I sensed something from within the cave creeping up on my, coming out of the cave up behind me, my back turned from whatever creature was coming up behind me. I couldn't move, but I fealt fear in my dream. The creature touched me on my shoulder, and I woke up and fealt the touch as if it were real and not a dream; I could not physically move. Once I could move, I went crying and running.

When I recalled this dream from my childhood in 2011, I did some research. I was an atheistic non-believer all my life. I googled "white cave" and "flowing water". Greek mythology sources came up from the search. The greek documents explained that the white cave is named "Hypnos" after the Greek God of sleep, and that the river near it is called the "Lethe", the river of forgetfulness. The river was explained to flow through the underworld (Hell). I did further research, and found out that this is a real physical river that resides in a real physical valley called the "Valley of 10, 000 Smokes". I furthered my research and found out that thousands and thousands of people around the world have the very same dream.

At this point I began growing more curious of things outside physical reality, and whether the supernatural and paranormal was real or not. I then Joined a local paranormal team out of curiosity to find out if the afterlife, supernatural, and paranormal were real. The "Watseka After Dark Paranormal Team" was the name of it. It was started in 2009 by William Powell (Bill), and dissolved in 2016. During my time on the Watseka After Dark Paranormal Team, I gained scientific proof of the afterlife. One of the members had an app on their phone that spoke to them about where spirits were. The app told the team member to turn in a particular direction, and he did and snapped a picture on a regular digital camera. We were at Gaffield Cemetery at midnight, with written permission to be there after dark. The digital image was shown to everyone that was just taken, showing a clear and distinct figure, with a clear and distinct face, of a transparent foggy person. That was my proof.

I soon quit the team with college plans to go to Joliet Junior College. Immediately upon quitting, very strange things began to happen to me and my rented trailer. These events forever changed my life, and led to my current position. These details will be outlined in the next post.


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