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Secrets of the Lethe

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How I Found Out I Was The 5th Horseman

The 5th Horseman



In 2016, I was homeless in Kankakee. I was residing at the Kankakee Salvation Army Homeless shelter before it closed down. They had a rule that during the day the residents had to be out in the community. Mon-Sat was usually the Kankakee Library, and on Sundays the Library was closed, so I would attend a nearby Church at Asburry United Methodist (across the street), and then go to the Movie Theater. After a short while of my routine, a mexican woman started attending the church with all us homeless guys. The first time she was there, she was very chit-chatty. I left the other guys at the table with her to go into the chappel, which the other homeless guys usually didn't attend. The mexican woman, Ellia Kernell, who was in her early 20s followed me into the chappel, and sat next to me in a two-seater seat, and began coming onto me and holding my hand and getting overly-friendly with me. After church, I proceeded to head to the movie theater as I usually do every Sunday, and I saw Ellia Kernell sitting on the steps of the church after service. I fealt sorry for her, and I decided to be nice and invite her along with me to see Dr. Strange in the movies.

She kept getting friendly with me and acting as if it were a date, after the movie, I paid $5 I didn't have to have her super small cup refilled. We went walking to kill time for the shelter to re-open (which I found out she was at). During the start of our walk, I mentioned to Ellia Kernell that "this was not a date". A couple minutes later she threw her $5 pop away without finishing it, which told me of her body language that she was upset, but she played it off. A day or two later we say each other at the Public Library in Kankakee, and I fealt bad that I may have hurt her feelings on telling her it wasn't a date, so I decided to give her a try despite not seeking a relationship at the time. We talked about it, and she declined, which I took as her getting even with me. I approached her again in the library and apologized, and left. Me and Ellia Kernell did not have any interaction after that. However, anytime we were forced within the same vicinity as each other such as Church, or shelter, or homeless events we both attended, or crossing paths at the library, she would act strange and try to avoid eye contact and friendly communication, which got really ackward for me. On Thanksgiving, we were all loading into a single van to attend a community Thanksgiving meal, and she speed ahead of everyone else into the vavn which was really strange, and then an elderly woman with a cane, whom was aqainted with Ellia Kernell began yelling at me and threatening me with her cane for some reason I could't figure out. At that point I found out that Ellia Kernell had been making lies up to the female residents about me, and I never figured out what they were. A day later the old woman with the cane with the last name of "Moore" and Ellia Kernell went to the court house and filed an " emergency no contact order against me". The Judge they spoke to was a Black woman, who decided to approve their request without the proper procedure and grounds to implement one. I was then met by a Kankakee Police Officer who served me the notice (which is how I found out about it). I proceeded to the courthouse to speak with the Black Female Judge who declined to drop the order. I was needing the order dropped because I was homeless at a shelter where Ellia Kernell was also at, and Ellia Kernell had a distance of 50 feet listed and approved by the female black judge, which basically meant that I was going to Jail for being homeless (Ellia Kernell being within distance of me at the shelter, library, and church that I had been attending prior to her arrival).

Ellia Kernell began stalking and harassing me with her illegally implemented no contact order. She came within distance of me at a street corner south of the Library, at Church, at the Shelter, at the library, and she even came to my permanent bell ringing position at Kroger Grocery while I was working for the Salvation Army. After the negro female judge declined to do justice and have the illegal order dropped for my safety from her, I tried to resolve the issue with her anonymously through Facebook Messenger pretending to be a third/fourth person working on their own accord so to not violate the illegal no contact order and also get her to stop stalking me with the illegal order trying to land me in jail for no reason. The night she came to my workplace is the night I was arrested and thrown in Jail. Judge Erickson of the Kankakee County Jail presided over the case, rather than the negro woman who implemented the illegal order.

I tried getting Judge Erickson to fully understand what was going on here, and told him that the charge should be vacated under Sup. Ct. Rule 402 based on the evidence, which he declined to do. Gave me an incompetent public defender, who failed to subpeona my backpack containing evidence for my defense, which I then claimed "ineffective assistance of council" on, which by law should have replaced her with a new one; Erickson, declined to do so and removed my public defender from me, forcing me to defend myself in court while behind bars. He kept me in Jail for the maximum (1 full year) without cause or reason. My case was overturned in the appellate court after my illegal sentence was already served.

During my unlawful confinement in the Kankakee County Jail, I decided I was going to run for office when I got out to fix the corrupt executive and judicial branches of our Government and make society a better place. I took a pen with no ink, and my court papers, hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of one-sided court documents, and I scratched in my political objectives on the one-sided blank sides of over a thousand pages. I had thousands upon thousands of solutions to fix our system and society, and they were flawless and perfect, something any political rival in an election race against me would fail miserably against. Only I could see what was scratched into the pages with an inkless pen, the officers never noticed a thing. After I was finished with compiling every objective of perfect solution to win me a seat in National office, even the presidency, I added that I would make the campaign a medieval themed one, and that I would g]do my campaign run on horseback, and that I would dress up like a medieval knight. This would save me on transportation costs, and attract attention during my campaign run. At this point I was 100% positive that I could win the presidency flawlessly, and I decided to add to the design a few things. On the back upper portion of the cape it was going to read "World President #1", and that my medieval helmet would have glowing red eyes, and atop my head a crown made of crowns, and I would have a retractable sword for self-defense, and that I would dip the bottom of my cape in blood. When I finished planning all this, I was stunned to re-call something several years back that I read in the Book of Revelation, and a voice spoke to me and gave me a confirmation that I was indeed this entity from the Book of Revelation. I re-read the book of Revelation at that moment, and realized that my plans for National and International Office on the campaign portion was almost identical to the explaination of The 5th Horseman of Ch. 19 in the Book of Revelation. After the voice of my spirit Guide Eluwyn confirmed me as this person in Revelation. Christ has also spoken to me as well as God himself, and I have seen them both with SRV/Astral-Projection while they have confirmed me as this entity in Revelation. After being confirmed, I decided, why not, and Changed "World President #1" to "King of Kings and Lord of Lords", and I got a tattoo on my thigh reading the same. I had already received a white stone with a name on it in 2011, and this was givin to me after I heard knocking at a door where a great being came in and supped with me. Since then I heard a great Spirit speaking to the Angels that oversee the several Churches on Earth. I now have the tattoo, and the vesture, and the sword from the mouth, and the red eyes like fire, and the crown of crowns, an the white stone with the new name, and the white horse, and the riders in white that follow me on white horses. Every bit of the prophecy in Revelation 19 is present non-intentionally pertaining to me and my life; and have confirmed on a personal basis that I am also this entity, based on the scriptures of Revelation, verifying Christ giving Power and Authority unto The 5th Horseman and being proven not to be Christ in scripture. I Am the only one on the Planet that meets the description for The 5th Horseman in Revelation 19, although the prophecy has not yet been fulfilled by me, it will be when I suit up in armour and hop upon my horse and do my campaign route.

The following posts will be the revelation of secrets of the world, especially "Mabus", "Dajjal", "The False Prophet", "The Anti-Christ", "Osama Bin Laden". Excluding Post #2, which is being revealed later as "The lost Script".

You can visit my other blog "Chronicles of the Preaching Pipe Prophecies" (Volumes 1, 2, nd 3) for confirmation through biblical scripture that:
1. Christ is giving power and Authority unto another
2. That Christ and The 5th Horseman are two totally separate entities
3. That the individual Christ is giving power and authority unto is The 5th Horseman of Revelation 19
All this proven through scripture (Volumes 1, 2, and 3) https://www.facebook.com/Chronicles-of-the-Preaching-Pipe-Prophecies-100465278366516/

This helps support my claims in this post of how I realized I was The 5th Horseman of Revelation 19; reason why I'm adding it.


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