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Angry ‘confrontation’ is a way of deflecting

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Angry ‘confrontation’ is a way of deflecting attention from ourselves onto others

Trying to get the zoom conferences ready for this weekend. I am always nervous about this retreat because it is not always a comforting subject to deal with.

Yet I feel necessary, at least for me if I wish to become more Christ-like, which is the same as saying, more truly human.

Here is one of the points that I will bring up to talk about hopefully drawing others into sharing. Angry confrontation, one that is based on shaming others, or towards self, is not what I am talking about, but needs to be addressed.


\"Angry ‘confrontation’ is a way of deflecting attention from ourselves onto others. It is a way punishing those around us, of seeking a way to get as far as we can from our own inner lives.?"-Br.MD

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The Truman show

Posted (edited)

...or it could be mere frustration. You know BM sometimes getting angry at something you have no control over might not solve the problem but it certainly draws attention to a problem. Remember, we live in a world of inequities, a world thou not always fair people need to take responsibility for whats right. Speaking up and sometimes escalating a situation (within reason) is perfectly normal and should be encouraged. Next time instead of staying quiet and not meaning to offend when ZOOM doesn't work for you then speak up and voice your concerns. Someone will notice, ask why an otherwise rational Brother Mark is angry and help. You're no miracle worker and no saint so don't assume you need to be one. Don't let people take advantage of your good nature. 

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Good point, it is "within reason" that we have our problems......I include myself with that statement.



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