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Staying in the game




I had my annual physical today. This may sound crazy, but I think of my health statistics in the same way that athletes think of their sports statistics: I try to show improvement in each category. Today was my best yet: 

My weight was down 5 lbs. from last year.
Blood Pressure: 122/82 (lower than last year).
Triglycerides: This year: 185.   Last year: Over 300! 
Cholesterol levels: within the healthy range.
In my opinion, I deserve at least a Bronze medal.

And, I finally got the pneumonia vaccine. I don’t know why I’ve been putting it off. Maybe because Bill Gates is making me nervous with all that talk about forcing everybody to get a Coronavirus vaccine. I’ve seen enough science fiction movies to know that he’s probably going to inject us all with tracking nanotechnology. (JK)

I was feeling at the top of my game, so I went to a hiking trail and walked for three hours instead of my usual two hours. It was hotter’n blazes out there, hot enough that I had a fanny pack loaded with Powerade and camping ice. Boy did I need it.  

I’m training for a three-day hiking trip in the southern Utah desert, that’s why I’ve been hiking during the hottest time of the day here in Iowa. The trip keeps getting postponed, first by a snowstorm on Christmas Day that stretched from California to Colorado, and then the lockdown closure of the National Parks. But that’s okay, because I really needed more training time. My skinny legs needed some beefing up, as I’ll be carrying a minimum of three gallons of water for three days in the desert. That’s 25 pounds (about 11.5 kilograms) of weight added to all the other equipment. I may have to leave my tent at home and hope that the rattlesnakes don’t crawl into my sleeping bag. 




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SimplyBill, I'm glad that your annual physical went well today.  And I hope you have an awesome time in Utah!

About a month in a half from now, I'll be seeing my doctor for my annual doctor's appointment.  I hope all goes well for me.  I'm sure it will.

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Thank you, Mike! Now I just have to stick to my good eating habits so next year’s numbers look good too.

And I wish you well on your upcoming appointment. It’s nice when all the numbers line up the way they’re supposed to.


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