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Still training




Lots of excitement around the lake today. I got a good photo of a mama turtle digging a hole in the ground to lay her eggs, and then I almost walked right into a skunk. When the skunk saw me, it went on high alert and raised its tail. I made an abrupt u-turn and let him carry on with his grub-hunting.

I startled a flock of vultures out of the trees as I quietly passed underneath them. I counted fifteen vultures, all circling above me, watching me like a little kid opening the oven door to see if the cookies are done. Yes, I probably looked like I was about done, out there walking around in that hot, humid air. One of them left his calling card: a nice-looking wing feather about 15 inches long. I used it as a photo prop next to a bottle of Powerade, with the trees and the trail in the background. 

I think I might be underestimating how much water I’ll need for my upcoming trip. I was figuring one gallon per day, but today I drank 65 ounces of water and 28 ounces of Powerade. That’s almost 1-1/2 gallons for a three-hour walk. So now I’m thinking I’ll need no less than six gallons of water/Powerade for a three-day trip. I may have to rent a donkey.



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