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Ever Seen Damaging Hail?



A year or two ago, a storm gave us some hail where I live.  And the hail was getting sort of big.  Hence, I was getting afraid that it might cause some damage to my car.

Fortunately, the hail never got big enough to cause any damage.  I lucked out.

Have you ever seen damaging hail before?  If so, how bad was it?


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My car was in an airport parking lot when a massive hailstorm moved across eastern Nebraska. Every car in the lot had broken windows and dozens (maybe hundreds) of dents. My sunroof was completely obliterated, and the rain left puddles of water on my floorboards. Before driving home, I went to the nearest car wash to vacuum up the pieces of glass that were scattered all over the inside.

 The insurance company rep looked at my car and told me it was totaled, but a couple of days later someone called to tell me they were going to fix it after all. I took it to a reputable body shop where they removed all the dents, completely repainted it, and replaced the sunroof. It cost me $600 for the deductible, but my car looked like I just drove it off the car lot. All’s well that ends well, I guess.

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Another hailstorm hit the small town four miles from my home. I drove in to see the damage. About two miles from the town, the cornfields were flattened, and in town every house was damaged. Almost every house needed a new roof, and many needed new siding. It looked as though an army had driven through town and fired machine guns into every home.

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