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Some Get Suicidal Over Little Things



Life can be good.  However, we all go through emotionally tough times in our lives.

During those hard times, some people can get suicidal, unfortunately.  Some individuals can get suicidal when something major in their lives goes terribly wrong.  Maybe they're going through a messy divorce, or perhaps their child passed away.

But some people can actually get suicidal over much smaller problems.  I don't think all people realize that.

So if you get suicidal easily over smaller issues, you aren't alone.  And if you do feel like giving up on life, I urge you, please get the help that you need.  When you start to feel better emotionally, I think those suicidal thoughts will go away.

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I was sitting next to the Oak Tree, the one I had chosen and intended to bleed out on...  I had the knife pressed to the artery in my neck and was about to push it through, ending my life, when the following realization softly settled in my awareness and I put the knife away and walked home.

"One constant in the universe is change.  Everything is always shifting and changing."

followed by this...

"Why make a permanent decision, while in a temporary emotion?"

I walked home and am still here to write this 30 years later...

peace and healing to all who may read this...

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