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My Paradise!

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There are many benefits of positive thinking!

I know how it works because I'm naturally a positive person, and I can see how much of a difference that makes in my life as well as the life of those close to me. I especially notice it when I'm through challenging times, or in other words, when I'm simply having a bad day.

When I have a bad/negative day, then I do my best to look inside myself and fix the problem if there is any - because I don't want to let my frustration out on people who don't deserve it. Sometimes there is no problem, sometimes we can all just have a bad day without any special reason, and I think it's worth remembering that so that we don't start creating problems which aren't there, i.e. sometimes a headache passes all by itself. 

And again, being positive isn't the same as denying reality - it's not about refusing to accept life for what it is. Being positive is about accepting life exactly for what it is, and learning how to work with it, how to make the best of it - it's about dancing with reality!

Life will challenge us all no matter what, so we might as well make it easier for ourselves instead of making it more difficult than it has to be. 

It may sound like I'm trying to invent warm water here, but I'm not saying this in vain. The reason why I think this is very important to say as well as remember is that, in my eyes, many people and especially in this day and age - not only do not do what I just wrote (positive thinking) - but they have actually become addicted to negative thinking. I've noticed a very important thing here, though:
Just the same as negative thinking perpetuates itself and, in turn, generates more and more negativity - then positive thinking does precisely the same. :yes:

It saddens me that people go out every day and actively seek out things, experiences, and/or information that will just make them feel worse than they already feel. I can make no other conclusion about this than to say that we indeed live in a predominantly self-destructive society. Moreover, a society that feeds on negativity and then spews out even more of it.

These days people speak so much about environmental sustainability - however, with a collective mindset of the human race that is negative - the very foundation of our society is not sustainable - in any environment!

Please think about that! 874.gif


If we were to resists the shallow and fleeting appeal of shock and disdain and disgust and hatred and anger - the appeal that we feel when we are engulfed by those emotions because they make us feel and the illusion of empowerment. 

If we were to just take a deep breath, chill out, relax - breathe - and think before we act, think for ourselves most of all - create for ourselves and those around us - a more positive, happier and more loving place - if we were to focus more on the good things that we can contribute to the world instead of focusing on the bad things in us and others - then we would be on the right road to a better, happier and more loving world. 



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