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Trauma Victim Or Trauma Survivor?




If someone has been through one or more traumatic experiences in their life, such as sexual assault(s), physical assault(s), child abuse, extreme bullying, etc., many will call the person a trauma victim.

However, I've had psychotherapists tell me that if you've been through trauma in your past, you aren't a trauma victim.  Instead, you are a trauma survivor.  The thing is, the trauma didn't literally kill you because you are still here, which makes you a survivor, not a victim.

I think that's a good way to look at it.  I'd rather consider myself a trauma survivor than think of myself as a trauma victim.  The reason is because it makes me think and feel that I have more control over my life and more control over what happened to me.  If I went through the rest of my life thinking of myself as a victim, I wouldn't be doing myself any favors.



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