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A Lovely Baptist Lady Who Said the Rosary

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A lovely Baptist Lady Who Loved the Rosary
Mary joins us, she fights at our side. She supports Christians in the fight against the forces of evil.
Especially through prayer, through the rosary. Hear me out, the rosary... Do you pray the Rosary each day? --Pope Francis
Over the years, because I love to read, I had gotten used to the many misunderstandings that people have about the Rosary. I once read an article by a well-meaning Baptist minister, warning his flock of the dangers of the Catholic practice of saying the Rosary. He said that it was a demonic practice to use beads of any kind for prayer, and should be avoided at all cost. I was bemused by the article since the central focus of the Rosary is a mediation on the life of Jesus Christ. Over time, after reading a few articles like that, or being accused by again, well-meaning Christian brothers and sisters, I just stopped worrying about it.
I guess it was around 1995 when a very nice lady came into our book store. I could tell she was a very kind human being by the gentleness of her smile, and the many questions she asked me about the Catholic faith that was simply an honest attempt to understand. After we shared for a bit, she told me that she was a Baptist, had been one all of her life.
She then shared with me her love of the Rosary. Now that got my attention, a devout Baptist lady, truly one deeply rooted in her Baptist tradition, who loved the Rosary.
She went on to convey to me that ever since she was a child she had felt an attraction towards the Blessed Mother. So when she was 12, she discovered the Rosary and began to say it, and has never stopped. She was in her late sixties, so that was a long time ago. She told me that she would keep the rosary hidden in her dresser and would say it when she was alone. She never told her pastor.
I told her of my surprise over her devotion, but she also said that actually many Baptist say the Rosary, they just keep it a secret. As we spoke, I thought that some of her openness to the Spirit in this regard, in no small way was planted there by her pastor. Some pastors, and yes priest, can be very harsh and condemning. Others see God at work in all Christian traditions, and some even in other religions. They do not feel that they have corralled God and tamed him.
I love the Baptist tradition. They are a people who know the scriptures, and most of them are truly a loving Spirit-filled people of God. Rigidity comes to play when arguments ensue. Loving people, Spirit-filled people, and yes I being a Christian it happens to me as well, when challenged in a harsh manner, are tempted to answer in turn. When this happens each side mirrors each other and can seem narrow-minded and intransigent in their beliefs and ideas. Open-minded people agree with me close-minded ones do not!
People who seek God, because I am a Christian, and believe Jesus is the revelation of a loving God, are seeking Christ. All are saved who love God because of Jesus. In the end, all knees must bend to Jesus. Either knees will be bent in love and joy, or simply forced to because of the truth.
I still have fond memories of this kind lady and am sorry that I did not get to know her more. She may still be alive, and I pray for her. She may be dead, so I pray for her, I am Catholic after all.—Br.MD

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