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The Demon Warrior Speaks

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Ghost Crystal

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Ghost Crystal
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka Wish Fire
Halo Paranormal Investigations
Sacramento Paranormal Help
Email: jazmaonline@gmail.com
Sacramento Paranormal Haunted Hotline: 916 203 7503

While gathering the relics that you left behind in my dreams- I came across some crystals. There are many in the ground and they are forming within the Earth and my subconscious. The mother made them, whom also gave birth to me and the rest of life and she creates all day and night- remaining busy always.
Her siblings were so old and they lived so long that time sped up very fast everyday and they became planets in the universe, ever changing, living, moving- holy. There light became so bright that they were propelled into space by sheer force of power.
And we experienced the memories tied to the information of maps left within the crystals with our spiritual eyes. Our psychic aura’s improved and regained color with the use of them. They have a strong connection to the Earth- more so than we do. This way can help us harness our sight in this place as well.
The shards of broken dreams shattered onto the Earth and for some their spiritual strength was tested. Was there faith without reason? Was what the ghosts of our past meant to leave behind still growing within the Earth?
My dreams self comes to a realm of psychic boundary where crystals are birthed from the spirit realm as well- by the hands of humans. Which ones did have vision and carve them into the stone with words, faces, creatures and various animals which spoke so loudly, but not with a mortal voice- with the spirit of their love left behind?
So, life exists in which we breathe and move around with more ease then the ethereal ones. The ideas that we have can manifest into our world by the power of Earth, Fire for transformation and to balance in our emotions enough water to house the soul before it travels through different forms and realities. Growth & expansion is our destiny as human beings. How much time does it take?
Just like how our books can reincarnate phantoms from time- so too, does art and poetry. A spirit moves through a body of people in order to fulfill a purpose. Some are able to channel this energy through different mediums. What has the most significance to our species is what the hands can do and what they did. Did they build towers, work hard, make music, prepare food- or were they cruel and angry using violence to sort things out?
Our desires animate the very reason’s we find to leave our marks on the world. Just like our footprints cause such an impact and much can be said in the design that was left behind. So, who are these spirits that work through us to plant seeds which will be harvested by future generations?
Next time that you are near a crystal- try to listen to what it is saying. It might not be speaking, but in your energy field, it is leaving imprints- data and life force. A crystal has been spending more time than you or I in perfecting it’s design. Imagine how intelligent we are and we take just months to form and than think about how much longer stones take(some as long as millions of years.)
Please know there are many ghosts in crystals. They can create portals, energy fields, protection, psychic activity, healing, power of motion and so much more. As an object, they may not be using oxygen or water to breathe, but they prepare their breath in another world- where they are very much alive and well.

Best Wishes.

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