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Bendy's Thoughts

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"I didn't grow up with that!" excuse

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Bendy Demon


I can't begin to tell you how many times I seen people who refuse to learn how to use common items and use the excuse of "Well, I didn't grow up with that" thinking that this excuses them from learning.

It's a crock of bull. Myself, I didn't grow up with computers, microwave ovens, cell phones, DVD players, Internet and all sorts of things and by their standards I should be a bumbling moron who gets irretrievably flustered trying to get to my e-mail -providing I even learned how to turn on a computer, that is- or become a 'grumpy-pants' because I can't figure out the basics of a cell phone.

Here is the thing, people who use the "I didn't grow up with that" excuse simply don't want to learn because then they feel they have a rationale to refuse to learn and adapt and remain in a state of deliberate helplessness. My stepmother is the same way. She refuses to learn to use the internet or the computer itself beyond the e-mail and playing Majong then gets flustered and says "Oh..I am SO ignorant when it comes to computers" (mind you she's had one for over 10 years) and uses the rationale that she didn't grow up with them as if that is a valid excuse to remain ignorant and refuse to learn.

Well..it is NOT a valid excuse, some people will cross their arms and sniff flippantly while insisting that they don't have to learn anything because, after all..they didn't grow up with 'that' but then get angry because the world is not stopping on a dime and reverting back to rotary telephones and type writers to do something. They will have a computer, for example, but refuse to learn to use it beyond playing solitaire. They will refuse to learn even the barest basics of a cellphone so they can be more functional in a society that has eliminated phone booths or access to any landline.

Here is another example, a few years ago I was asked to help a local church with assembling the new member directory so I was sitting there listening and most everyone was flustered because now they had to take info from church members and enter them into the photographers scheduling section of the website and so on rather than just taking the written info to the photographer himself. One member, I recall, said -in reference to using the computer- well, I am a dinosaur when it comes to these things and I plan to stay that way! In other words she is saying "I refuse to learn anything new because it means my skill set will be expanded and being willfully ignorant about the basics of technology is somehow admirable and I will wear it like a badge of pride.".

But see, this mindset goes beyond computers and into anything that has changed. Yes, change is hard and much of it is unnecessary and too fast and it is hard to adapt too, I understand that quite well but when you sit there and sulk, refusing to learn how to adopt certain changes because it is different from what you grew up with then you are doing it to yourself, willingly. Your troubles with change, then, are no one's fault except yours. There are a lot of things I am not exactly crazy about either but the way I see it, I have two basic choices....I can either learn to adapt as best I can or I can sit by the sidelines and whine incessantly, demanding that the whole world stop and revert to the way things were back in the seventies. It won't happen. So as I grew I learned to use microwave ovens, I learned to use VCR and later DVD players, after I graduated I learned to use a computer and I learned to use Windows 10; I learned to use things that I didn't have when I grew up because I wasn't taught to be helpless just because things changed.

Granted I don't know how to take pictures with a cell phone (yet) but if I feel it is needed then I will. If I decide to get a GPS then I will learn to use it. I will do my best to learn things if it serves me in any useful means. Just because I 'didn't grow up with that' doesn't mean I therefore cannot (or will not) learn because it is not a valid excuse.


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I've never heard anyone use that excuse. The most I've seen is asking for help on how to use something. 


Myself, I didn't grow up with computers, microwave ovens, cell phones, DVD players, Internet and all sorts of things 

Okay, how old are you? I'm 41 and dealt with all of that at home and a lot with computers at school. This was in the early 80's and all through the 90's. I barely remember my parents first microwave, it could've passed as a second oven due to size. Plus it sounded like it was about to take off when it was running. My dad got one of those plug-into-the-tv computers he used for finances. His first cellphone was the briefcase kind. I bought the first dvd player and we had internet around the time AOL came out. 

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