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The Demon Warrior Speaks

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Haunted Jewelry Box

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Haunted Jewelry Box
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka Wish Fire
Halo Paranormal Investigations
Sacramento Paranormal Help
Email: jazmaonline@gmail.com
Sacramento Paranormal Haunted Hotline: 916 203 7503

Legends of Gold

A shadow can be found beneath the precious metals from which we connect jewels, gemstones, shells and other treasures of the Earth. Jewelry is typically given for a special occasion to celebrate the romantic notions of love and luck. It can be presented as a gesture of commitment, a reward for hard work and even as a surprise 'just because' gift. 

One of the reasons that jewelry is a popular gift is because it is meant to be lasting and eternal. Of course the kind that tie up in strings, usually pay homage to the spiritual and popular symbolic traditions of our time- such as warding evil, making friendships and more. Jewelry has been given since ancient times as a token of the heart.

Gold itself was thought to be discovered in 3000 BC. It is the most popular choice for setting precious stones and other types of material into. Silver is the second most popular choice. The third in place is platinum. This is because certain metals hold a specific value to us- due to availability, cultural heritage and classic elegance. This itself is a symbol of the time of love- the age we are in right now. We use diamonds to represent the most highest divine partnerships as the most popular stone, second in place are emeralds. 

We also have birthstones- which were created by the jewelers themselves and meant to be lucky for those who wear them during this time. Jewels themselves have healing power, which most all can feel, upon their presentation in our honors. To give someone a birthstone gift is a gesture of destiny. The reason time is entwined so well within the notion, is because most clocks are associated with moments- turning, perhaps powered by a crystal spark- or most likely by the cosmos themselves.

Silver Moonlight

Bats fly out of the caves from where they were sleeping. They find their peace within the dark chambers- alone with the currents- both of the sky and beneath the ground, flowing in watery tombstones by a silent premonition. They wake, hungry to leave the dark nothing from which they dwell to fly beneath a silver moonlight, guided by desire.

Only I can feel them in my bones moving, as they take direction from a blood red sky- like the potion which stirs from my soul in an equally dark abyss of impulse, seduction and enchantment. When they return- their bellies will be full and their minds steadied.

The glowing lights shepherd them from town to town on perfect clouds of gray feldspar and black obsidian. They search for insects to devour- to fill their aching needs. Their fangs shimmer in the radiance of the night.

I realize that in the shadows, my memories haunt me as well-  as they resurrect the ghosts of my nightmares each time. Yet, I cannot stop fighting the demons which haunt me and drive me each day, as they scream in my mind to be fed and I will not resist them, although I have tried.

Eternal Gift

So, I collected a box to hide away my most beautiful thoughts. It's a jewelry box, in which I store the only pieces of time which matter greatly to me. Some pieces of metal I have were owned by family members, given to me by past flames and also the crystals in each one- hold a memory inside, which respark and replay at the sight of them, like a hologram.

I have a key to lock or unlock it, because not only is in valuable in it's own weight and glory, but also in the heart in which I hold onto it. When I have gotten tired or foolish, I lay it open and ghosts fly out of it- spooking me as I walk past. Trouble and circumstance has happened and now they can only bring negative energy, fueled on by this unhealthy attachment which I have to holding onto programmed pieces of metal- which have more significance as fashion than they should have over my life.

Once I realized this, I immediately cleaned out every ounce of space I had and sold all the remaining pieces. I made a lot of money from the endeavor and I also felt like a huge weight was lifted off of me. I had been saving items for the last twenty years- which had begun to rust, tarnish and fade. They would remind me of a person I had not seen in along time and bring me great sadness, so I let everything go...

Not to say that the mark they left on me isn't still there. It remains in the designs of my veins and the eternal book of gifts that were ever given and received much like a .925 stamp, upheld in purity and honor. I learned not to wear Hematite- as I am very allergic to that metal. I put it on once and my whole hand turned purple in minutes and swelled up- it was poisoning my blood through my skin. This is an indicator of the magnificent power to heal that other stones and metals have that may be unrecognized by the general population.

Well I have stud earrings left, so my holes don't close up- a string bracelet with a beaded design of the Greek key and a pair of bat earrings which make me laugh because they sit inside an empty jewelry box, released of ghosts and I can hear them screeching through the night- as they leave and come back with the sunlight.

Platinum Watch

There are also many pieces of jewelry which are very cursed and haunted which are well known. For example, the hope diamond is supposed to be responsible for a curse on a royal family. It is perhaps the most dangerous. The worst ones bring about murder and death.

I once had a 14k gold king tut necklace given to me by a stranger I had just met moments before, upon hearing it was my birthday. It disappeared the very next day. It must of had a spell upon it to mimic the curse that the mummy of king tut brings upon people who touch his tomb.

Crystals, metals and all the other jewels in the world can hold onto a lot of energy and can magnetize the atmosphere. Moonstone turns colors inside when it is about to storm. Opals have a beautiful fire inside which flashes with life during movement. They are of the Earth, they react with the Earth and they return their as well eventually.

There are gems which are in other dimensions and worlds that end up here. Some are from outer space and some are divine, like the story of a group of people who were praying all day to God to show them a sign and then rubies began to rain down from the ceiling. I myself have seen gold and silver tinsel falling before.

It's all real, so therefore all the energy is so important. An item can drive you mad- such as a wedding ring if you begin to dislike someone. There's even a river in Nevada where people throw away rings from old relationships in hope to be renewed and blessed.

I have found jewelry in the water before and kept it for a time and then given it away- as the memories begin to cause me anguish eventually of people who are ghosts- they are no longer there completely. Yet, I still hold happiness and hope to wear many beautiful necklaces, bracelets, headbands, body jewelry, bangles and rings. They can open up portals, which connect us to the divine easily and help us channel love. 

I have tattooed on myself an eternal bracelet now, - it has a large five pointed star to represent luck for me, as it is the star that I know the best. The chain is made of three sparkles and a blue French lily- to resemble the one from my family crest. It is meant to represent the heavens and my place on Earth. The meaning of my last name, is "crown, wreath or halo."

Haunted Jewelry Box

Well, may good blessings continue to reign in our homes and hearts. May we find peace and love eternal within this span of light space. We are here for a reason, and definitely blessed. Celebrate yourself- your life and those that you love and give them memories which can last forever- in whichever way you choose.

I find that the world is a complex place, so it is best to follow your heart and intuition on matters of the spirit. Let hope guide you forward and remind you that we still have a long way to go in time before we have to leave these jewels behind and change into something else more comfortable.


Wish Fire

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