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The Demon Warrior Speaks

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Rose Gold Legends

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Rose Gold Legends
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka Wish Fire
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Rose Gold Love

Gold is a metal that can be mixed with several other components, in order to create new varieties. Some of the most popular gold, is ranked in terms of purity and appearance, such as 10k, 14k, 24k- white gold, black, yellow gold and all the other colors there is. For the sake of this article- we will be covering rose gold.

According to the internet, colored golds can be classified into three groups: Alloys with silver or copper which produce white, yellow, green and red tones. They can be Intermetallic compounds, producing mostly blue and purple golds. They are typically brittle, but can be used as gems and inlays. The last use is with surface treatments, such as oxide layers.

Rose gold is considered to be the most romantic metal because of it’s pinkish red coloring- which darkens with age, due to the copper content. It is a popular choice for men and women. It has a timeless quality which makes it a great choice for wedding bands or romantic gifts. Rose gold is a blend of pure 24 karat yellow gold, copper and silver.

Pure 24 karat yellow gold is the base for all gold colors and qualities, but is too soft to be used in this state for jewelry. That’s what makes Rose Gold a durable choice for an everlasting commitment, may it be to man or the immortal spirit of love.

Rose Gold Angel


In mythology, roses are commonly associated with many love deities. The most popular one being Aphrodite, who is the mother of cupid- an angel of love. However, long before the Romans adopted and renamed him, Cupid was known to the Greeks as Eros- the god of love.

An angel is known to be a protector for man and gods alike. So, wearing a rose gold angel can bring a lot of luck, due to its significance with the times and movement. It became popular in Russia in the 1800’s and has since spread worldwide.


According to mythology, Lada is a goddess in Baltic and Slavic mythology associated with beauty and fertility. Her masculine counterpart is known as Lado. Lada and Lado are sometimes seen as divine twins, and at other times as a mother goddess and her son. (Like the Greek Aphrodite and Cupid). They are commonly mentioned together in songs related to planting, harvesting, and weddings. (springtime rituals of fertility.)There is even an asteroid named for the goddess; The asteroid (2832)- Lada.

The red rose especially is affiliated with Aphrodite- the goddess of love. In Greek mythology, it is said that rose bushes grew from the ground through Aphrodite's tears and the blood of her lover, Adonis. The Romans believed Aphrodite was their goddess Venus and used the rose as her symbol of love and beauty.

Rose Gold Cross

The Rosicrucian Order is a spiritual movement which arose in Europe in the 1700’s. According to the online encyclopedia,

“Rosicrucian teachings are a combination of occultism and other religious beliefs and practices, including Hermeticism, Jewish mysticism, and Christian gnosticism. The central feature of Rosicrucianism is the belief that its members possess secret wisdom that was handed down to them from ancient times.”

The Rosicrucians are a community of mystics who study and practice the metaphysical laws governing the universe. Rosicrucianism is symbolized by the Rosy Cross or Rose Cross. The largest and most influential of these societies has been the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

According to sacred texts; “Lucifer is the greatest mystery of symbolism. The secret knowledge of the Rosicrucians concerning Lucifer is nowhere so plainly set forth as in (this place), which virtually reveals his true identity, a carefully guarded secret about which little has been written.”

Rose Gold Legends

To the Greek mind gold has an allegorical significance- meaning the radiance of light, good fortune, blessedness, and all the fairest and the best. In Babylonia, gold was the metal of the sun.

The sun is one of the oldest symbols of strength and vitality of the spirit. With the light, we can overcome all darkness, which overshadows us sometimes- and when we feel the most lost, is right before the dawn.

Blessings xx

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