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The Demon Warrior Speaks

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Unusual Jewelry

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Unusual Jewelry
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka Wish Fire
Halo Paranormal Investigations
Sacramento Paranormal Help
Email: jazmaonline@gmail.com
Sacramento Paranormal Haunted Hotline: 916 203 7503


All across the universe, precious materials are sought after. The desire to obtain rare objects is perhaps the number one purpose of the physical body. What is it about jewelry that creates the illusion of wealth and success? What beauty can be bought to create an air of elegant nobility & faith? What possesses someone to covet others jewelry as well?
Below, I have compiled a list of unusual places where jewelry can be found. This is a modern list of strange stories and items that we adorn nowadays- as compared to the past. Some have been a place of luck for centuries- like for example placing jewelry with the dead for good luck compared to new inventions, like cellphones being draped in jewels & metals.
Cellphones, Backpacks, Purses & Pens
Because of new innovations in technology, we are able to access the world in a way which was never thought possible before. Purses have been recorded to have been in use for at least 5000 years, but the most recent version has been around since 1841. Originally, they were used more by men than women, but an entrepreneur named Samuel Parkinson had ordered a set of traveling cases and trunks for his journeys and also a case for his wife to use as well. It quickly caught on as a convenient way with which to carry personal belongings on one’s self. It’s not uncommon to see someone clip jewelry on one, or perhaps purchase one which has built in jewelry.

The same goes for backpacks. Because they are often made with a basic design concept in mind, people may wish to express their individuality by adding unique touches- such as pendants, key chain clips or charms for luck.

Pens have been in use for a very long time in history as well and using one with jewels, crystals or more is meant to bring very good energy, as writers tend to manifest their dreams and visions very easily with them, letter by letter, being brought to life as a living energy.
The magick of jewelry has been know throughout time as a significant indicator of blessings. Each piece signifies a moment of time, a means of authority, reward or celebration. Even the ancient peoples had many superstitions regarding such items.
Buried Jewelry
The Earth is the place which most of our precious sources of material comes from. This is because it in itself is a powerful manifestor of life and destruction. It can symbolize the beginning of a relationship, journey or age and even destruction- like asteroids falling from space and breaking apart all over the world.
Early humans were found buried with jewelry & stones which had a significant impact on their lives, so therefore for good luck, they were buried with the person who carried them as the energy was thought to live on in the afterlife. Crystals, mirrors and other gems have been known to record and collect different types of energy patterns from light source with which we do not yet fully comprehend.

Crystals themselves can power watches, clocks, electronics and so much more. They are harborers of energy, much like batteries. In fact, time is linked to immortality, so in essence, there are certain ways you can tap into the astral realms with such tools.

Stealing jewelry from tombs and temples became so widespread that the ancient royals began to mark their graves with curses to ward robbers. It is very bad luck to steal from the dead and is not recommended to be done.
Magical Creatures

Speaking of stealing jewelry, one must be careful of trying to rob magical creatures of their possessions as well. It is well known that if you try to steal gold from a leprechaun, they will get their vengeance on you.

Spirits can also become attached to jewelry, in such a way where it can become very disrespectful for anyone else to touch or even view what they consider to be there’s. Stealing jewelry is one of the unluckiest things you can do to the divine.
Dragons are known to guard jewelry, and often magical creatures are sent to watch over where the Gods have placed their possessions- in order to protect their honor and authority. Jewelry is tied to more than just a meaning of ownership, quite frequently it’s what it symbolizes that the thief hopes to take for themselves.
Statues built in honor of a being’s spirit are frequently inlaid with jewels. This is to help bring life to their existence. Because robbers will also steal from the eyes of the God’s themselves- many have to be put into museums and other strongholds to prevent theft and dishonor, but karma will always right itself- there is no stealing or coveting needed.
Extraterrestrials are said to wear jewelry which can help them power spaceships, portals and other magical things. We may have trouble recognizing these- as they have access to different minerals than we do.
Safe Keeping
Jewelry can comfort us in times of trouble. They can hold pieces of soul inside. Perhaps someone carries around a locket with a special picture in it to symbolize the heart of their spirit and give them loving energy when they need it most.
If you are in traffic, you have probably looked around and saw jewelry in cars, hanging from rear view mirrors! Most of the times, they are shaped like angels, cross or other symbols of spiritual protection. This is because of the dangers of transportation. In today’s world it is a necessity to travel to survive, and collisions and freak accidents are more common than we would like to think about.
Beloved pets are dressed with collars, name tags and even diamonds on some. This is an expression of safekeeping, meant to guard from any bad energy- such as a dog running away and never making its way back home or even medical bracelets which are placed on babies or the sick, for the same reasons.
Unusual Jewelry
In essence, the stones and metals which come across our hands are proof of the abundance of time & source, for which the heavens and Earth use to speak through us and send a message, tell a story or collect positive energy for blessings and protection.
Energy is the language of the physical part of living. It is the form that light takes through us and summons a destiny & delivers a purpose of spiritual enlightenment, passive reception and tranquil ambience to our world.
Blood has been spilled in the name of power and jewelry can be an indicator of supernatural and human experience. Fate speaks to each one of us separately- in light codes and spaces, where we can react in beauty or despair. But, there is a connection to everything and a bigger plan waiting for us than we could have ever imagined.

In the name of Love & Luck,
Wish Fire

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