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The Demon Warrior Speaks

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Brief Spiritual History of Fashion Accessorie

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A Brief Spiritual History of Fashion Accessories

By Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka Wish Fire
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Fashion accessories began as a practical form of human expression. Light and energy can be conveyed by using certain colors, textures and materials to tell a story, or give a divine message to the world. Because of this, the history is mixed into a spiritual river, which flows through time and space, reflecting our subconscious spiritual energy at certain points in time- like a wardrobe for the universe.
Some of this can be represented using astrology to explain preset images of shape,dimension and attitude, but the geometry is left to the dreamers’ hands. The idea that we clothe ourselves as an emotional response to the environment, is one that can be easily explained, since the dawn of mankind- we have striven for both comfort and security.
Please, see past the veil- like a bride’s wedding shield- translucent and supernatural, something hiding many deep truths in every inch of coding, mathematical and free-spirited in nature, still yet to reveal an ultimate destiny and immortal purpose. The reasons behind what we do each day with our hands, lives and moments in order to ensure happiness and love- as explained through the spirit of fashion.
Spiritual Decorations
Holding certain crystals, jewels and metals over parts of your spiritual body are known to have an impact on overall health. You can be happier and feel more peace knowing you spent extra time to put energy into these points of interest. Much like grasping separate beads on a catholic rosary and stopping to say a prayer with each one.
Some such ways in which people protect themselves spiritually are with jewelry. Depending on the culture and faith, certain symbols, materials and gems can be imprinted with positive energy- as an act of faith, meant to improve one’s vitality and strength.
Some certain spiritual conditions that one must protect themselves from are curses, bad luck and evil. For example, it is thought that wearing an eye shaped piece of jewelry will prevent the evil eye -which is a curse of jealousy, hatred, anger, bitterness and despair. Simply becoming conscious of the shadow energy and acknowledging its power can help you to build a guard against it- in the design of where the matter is placed.
Little whispers in your mind sent telepathically from outside source, can quickly feel like your own and easily drive you mad as the negativity takes hold over any logic. Suddenly, you may start noticing patterns of repeated mistakes, bad luck or even death. But, by the symbol itself, you are creating a shield for yourself- which will reflect back the karma projected onto you or others to the source for purification.
Gem Ornaments
For those who believe in chakras and their importance, there are also many ways to build up your own glowing of light with love and self-meditation. Using certain stones over oneself can aid in the intuitive mind repairing any blocks or over-activity- in order to restore balance.
For instance, placing amethyst and rose quartz over your throat chakra can help bring love to the way you speak and clarity. Miscommunication is a sign of this and breathing exercises can help us to ground- becoming centered, calm and able to focus.
Spending time with yourself using gemstones can also help you understand how your energy reacts to certain triggers. With a concept or spiritual theme in mind, we can patiently watch our fear unfold into insignificant details of time, imaginary moments and signs- in the form of clairvoyant visions and subconscious images.
Beads, Pearls & Sequins
Beads have been discovered and dated back to at least 100,000 years from today. A bead is a small object, in varying sizes, which is pierced and stringed as jewelry. Beads can be used on many fashion accessories such as purses, bracelets- even skirts and earrings.
Beads were known to be popular with many countries in the world, but depending on the location- the material was used differently. Colors and shapes will vary, from people, as individual artists would carve them out for use in intuitive designs, which guard against certain toxic matter or energy.
Pearls are feminine in essence and represent the moon and moonlight- specifically because they come from the water and the ocean represents our emotions, which is a reflection of our shadows- or conscious energy, as defined by the shape of the moon. That is- everything returns and cycles in a circular fashion- the kind which begins collecting like rain droplets in our cups that the Gods fill with mana to be drunken. We are sort of like clouds- filling up with life and spirit, ready to burst with light and pour out what we are given, releasing to be filled again and again.
Sequins have been around since approximately thousands of years, as they were first worn as metal coins in disc shapes- which were tied close to the clothing garments in order to ensure one’s wealth was close on hand. In case of death- a proper burial blessing would be ensured, erasing any possibility of negative consequences in the afterlife.
In the 1920’s, they were adapted and refined as the discoveries of King Tut’s tomb revealed his dress in the same such styling and reminding the people of ancient blessings and celebrations- in the name of the spiritual, or unconscious worlds, which could bestow eternal wealth and glory. They are a material meant to capture the light and reflect inside out, so that it looks to be burning with living moonbeams and sparkles, representing starlight of Heaven, - or perhaps the twinkling on the surface of the water. They are also commonly found in circular, patterning shapes.
Floral Jewelry
Perhaps one of the oldest forms of decoration are fresh flowers and plants. Wherever they grow, eyes take notice. They represent beauty in its natural form, that of course- eventually fades. A budding rose represents the maiden girl, while the one in full bloom would represent a state of prime perfection.
Putting a flower in the hair represents the celebration of the day, whilst also emitting a sweet fragrance, which is powerful and everlasting- as the scent stays in the eternal memory. Ghosts can even stir up a smell while they are manifesting into a room, which is noticeable, as it stays with the heart of love and fashion forever- entwined in romantic death & divinity.
Certain flowers also represent individual holidays and seasons- which live on for eternity in a skewered solar cycle of days, years and eventually centuries. This is because so many flowering plants have lifespans- which are short lived and irreversible, often blooming for a short time, such as during warmer temperatures and during moist rainy seasons. We tie the movements of our universe to spiritual revelations and reincarnations of immortality and rebirth, as each day time moves towards it’s ending- sparking a new beginning of our wake.
Other Accessories
Throughout time, people have been relying on the hard minerals of Earth to prevent destruction to their bodies. Often mimicking the style of the universe- like angels protecting the Earth will have wings to symbolize perhaps the moon,-which shields us from asteroids and flying space debris, in a grand elegance. Jewelry is known for being a statement maker, whether expressed or unexpressed.
Accessories such as sunglasses have kept the sun from piercing it’s rays into our irises and burning them! Ancient civilizations in China and Rome have used items from mammoths even to build a pair. Our modern versions are usually much simpler, lightweight and can be considered more like jewelry, as the best quality pairs are made of rare metals and materials- even embellished with crystals, gems and jewels, charms and other forms of jewelry.
Cuff Links
Cuff links are also made of high-quality metals and stones to reflect its rarity onto special occasions, which last in the heart for eternity- such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other holy moment, in which the presence of the Gods are felt watching over us, as a symbol of goodwill and an act of fate. They are a marker of God’s hands blessing us with life, honor and love eternal.
Anklets are used to adorn the feet, as they signify our journey in life- they are oftentimes worn on bare skin to represent vulnerability, spiritual strength and beauty. They were made to be for everyday ornament by Egyptian women of all social classes in ancient Egypt, from as early as the predynastic times. The name is similar to the one for bracelets- menefret (mnfrt)- except by adding a phrase to denote connection to the feet, instead of the hands.
In fact, ankle bracelets used to be worn to symbolize one’s martial status, much the same as a traditional wedding ring would. They were, as a custom- given as a gift to the bride by the groom to represent the announcement of union to society. This would ward away any unintended invitations of partnership.
A Brief Spiritual History Of Fashion Accessories
Whether it’s from the cross you wear on a chain to ward away evil spirits, or the symbol of an eyeball to prevent curses- jewelry has a very definite significant spiritual history. Mostly this is concerning the acts of love in which we carry on with our hands each day and the marks that we leave behind on others as well.
To honor the spirit of any theme- we would need to acknowledge its purpose and importance over us each day. What everything we touch represents, manifests into our eternal dreams and spirits. That is why we place such energy into minor details- as it speaks not just the language of our time, but to all creatures, through many ages, in vibrations and telepathic sensory, to leave behind an imprint, or traces of our civilizations, in order that we are not lost.
The premonitions of our future change through the lens of time, and no other oracle has been greater than those who discover the messages that fashion speaks and the occult secrets in each one. The items have become like artifacts, truth tellers of history and inspiration for man and God alike.
Inspired by you...

Wish Fire
Deanna Jaxine Stinson

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