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The Demon Warrior Speaks

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Poems for Halloween

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Poems for Halloween
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka Wish Fire
Halo Paranormal Investigations
Sacramento Paranormal Help
Email: jazmaonline@gmail.com
Sacramento Paranormal Haunted Hotline: 916 203 7503
My first desire
Was to drink from the well
Of love-
Nearby a heart shaped radio
Which makes music in frequencies
That cannot be seen by us
But, like a vampire
I wanted to aquire life
Even though I was already dead
With blood red lips and rosy flesh
to kiss you with
This time,
I did not want it
But, I did not know
The face of death like I thought I did
Because it is always changing
So, I can't remember him
Yet, the first word I spoke was
to my mother
Who gave me a copper bracelet
When I was born
To wear upon my wrist
For good luck to exist
Because I was starving
Then and now-
It's left with the dead
Who want nothing
But words
To pray
To be said
Good things that were meant
To be forgiven for
Crimes they did not commit
But, maybe
I feel like I want to die
I'm always hungry-
And I hate being empty
And tomorrow I will
Be sad as I rise up
Without her
To do it again
So, I melted the moon
Into silver bullets
For my weapons
Against the ones who
Hurt her
And I sleep in-
dreaming till noon
of you God
Where I wake up
And I know
Each night that
I sleep & drink
From a bowl of porcelain
Waiting for my resurrection
To feed
And be full again
My first admirer
Gave me chocolate
And I ate it,
I didn't want to date him
I took the letter
He wrote,
It was a poem
And I gave it to my father-
Who took the boy's side
And I became evil
For destroying him
"No, I won't."
To being his girlfriend.
He must have been
Because he
Gave me the sugar
From his family
And it was nothing to me
But, a treat.
I'm sorry.
But, I still
Have the ring
Made of amethyst
That my first boyfriend
Gave me and
It's already rusted
I like chocolates instead.
Speak of the dead
The silence will wake them
Ghosts fly at midnight
By candle flame
They worship the words
On my tongue,
The jewelry on my neck
And the promises
That I said-
Which can bring you
Pleasure or pain
The wisdom won by
Carving out with a golden knife
Your happy face like
A beautiful life
A smile set free
Onto a glowing pumpkin
Beneath a leafy tree
Changing colors & lovers
Jack O' Lantern
While the seeds
Of your dreams
All turned into food
And you knew I would taste
Best on your lips
Than the humans do
You made wishes
Underneath a full moon
For me
A destiny
On Halloween
And I was the one
That you couldn't cut loose
Or everything would change
When night turned to day
And you realized I was gone
And it was winter again
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