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I got my ballot

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I got my ballot

I got my ballot in the mail today. There have already been 21 million votes, I guess that is a record. I am weary of it all but hopeful. I hope that when this over, whoever wins, perhaps the next four years can be used to actually doing their jobs instead of all this partisan infighting. It is not about power, but about service. Yet I guess power is a strong drug, the cocaine of the spirit.

It is up to us, the people, not our so-called leaders. When we fight each other, insult each other, we lose. If we can't find a way to come together, the split can become so wide that we will topple. It can happen, history is filled with toppled civilizations.
The reason yelling at each other is so frustrating, is for the simple reason it is not communication, just a waste of energy that leads to further alienation.

For those who have faith, pray, let go of anger, and do what we are commanded to do because it is so important: to not return evil for evil, not to hate, to stop the cycle of anger and recrimination.

I am hopeful, but this is still dangerous times to live in.--Br.MD
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This is a very positive message, my friend!

It doesn't matter what people believe in because it's all about the mind/soul!

My point is this - I'm not a Christian, but we still agree about the important stuff.

I especially like this part "It is up to us, the people, not our so-called leaders"

I couldn't agree more!


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Solipsi Rai


Whether a voter wants Biden or Trump, we Americans still have access to presidential election voting through the safer method of an all-mail in ballot. +

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