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The Demon Warrior Speaks

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Jewelry To Ward Evil Away

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Jewelry To Ward Evil Away
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka Wish Fire
Halo Paranormal Investigations
Sacramento Paranormal Help
Email: jazmaonline@gmail.com
Sacramento Paranormal Haunted Hotline: 916 203 7503


There are several different symbols in each part of the world which have been imbedded by mankind to carry certain energy through their image. This is done throughout the years by storytelling, bloodshed, or sacrifice.  The more blood put into it- the more powerful. For example, the cross that Jesus died on is known to ward away demonic energy. The moon energy is tied to a woman's cycles and the triple moon symbol is a sign of Wicca or other female dominated religions and spiritualities. The inverted pentagram is also known to be filled with blood by sacrifice, in ode to Satan.

With some magic, they are brought to life and represent living energy from the immortal spirits of the universe. These projections from our mind attract good energy to collect around the point of interest and divert us from negative thinking patterns to those of comfort. Such symbols are important to be held close with us always, because we never know when one day will be our last one. So, we create jewelry with precious metals, charms and pendant to ward fate and bring luck. For example, an eye image wards evil because it reinforces the idea that we are being protected and watched over as well by unknown forces and spirits.

Many angels are represented by symbols of wings, guns or even stars. Their airy energy can be felt by placing winged image on almost anything- giving it a direction to climb. Shooting stars are tied to luck, falling stars to Satan and the moon is the holiest Earth protector there is. We can map time and spiritual history through recording and dating jewelry and it's connection to a universal consciousness.

There are many superstitions people have with necklaces. For example, if you wear a symbol from one culture- do not mix with another or this could create chaotic and confusing energy. Belt's are tied to the greatest constellations in the sky and meant to balance our energy fields. The stones and metals with which jewelry is created have meaningful purposes as well, such as gems which are favored by religions and psychic healers and mixing gold and silver is confusing as gold is a masculine energy and silver is feminine. Copper represents luck and goddess energy.

You can bless your jewelry by dipping it in Holy water, jewel water, spring water- anywhere really, as long as you say a prayer. They can be placed into salt mounds in order to charge them up as well. Really, in any element they can be blessed- it's only projecting your desires into something as a dedication and letting go of any previous attachment or expectation of the said item, as it exits as light in the spiritual realm.

If you are ever in trouble, you should be able to rely on the positive or strengthening energy you put in the item and it will transform into faith- which can move mountains. The power of belief is the strongest there is and with jewelry- you can capture it in your hands and on your heart or even in your head. Just imagine the parts in your mind which would awaken to certain types of energy fields created by you and go from there.


Wish Fire

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