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Information War



One of the rare areas of political bipartisan agreement in the US Senate, is that Russia is engaged in an ongoing campaign of sustained information warfare against us.

And in any information war, the question always boils down to this: Who can you trust?

The answer is really simple:

Left or Right -- anyone pushing you in the direction of violence against your fellow Americans is batting for Russia, knowingly or otherwise.

Because sparking an American civil war has been Russia's end game, for a very long time.




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There is a surprising amount of revenue generated by social media outlets during our new age interactive reality TV lifestyles now.

I'm of the opinion that many of the conspiracies and fake news stories are far too financially lucrative for Facebook, Twitter and alike for them to genuinely combat it. And I suspect they even actively generate it. The drama is the money.

That Social dilemma documentary is well worth a watch.

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