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When will this end?

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When will this end?
One big problem is that so many do not take this seriously; about wearing masks, and not meeting in large groups, that those with other ailments, some life-threatening as well, cannot be treated in certain parts of the country. It is understandable, denial is a powerful force in our lives. I have to remind myself to be careful when around others outside the community. The abbot is constantly reminding us to not become slack. Hopefully, the vaccine will bring this nightmare to an end.
It is true, and thank God, that most people who get the virus do not need hospitalization, yet we now have 400,000 deaths, not counting those who die from other causes because of lack of space.in certain parts of the country. So far, I believe that Georgia is doing ok with ICU rooms, hope, and pray, this keeps up.
Even with the lockdown, or because of it, other problems are growing. Abuse within the home, addictions, and suicide, and yes poverty.
Reach out to family and friends, and neighbors who are alone, you could save a life, or make life bearable for them. A little love, like salt, goes a long way.--Br.MD
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