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Cold day for a walk, but I just had to get outdoors to ward off my cabin fever. 25 degrees, cloudy skies, light winds blowing across the partially-frozen lake. 

 I couldn’t believe how busy the beavers have been! They left a fifty-foot trail of downed trees that stretched to the river. The raccoons have been busy too: they climb into the garbage dumpster in the parking lot and toss out pizza cartons and soft drink cups left behind by the RV campers.

I have a friend named Jesus who immigrated here from Cuba. He volunteers with a team of people who go to State parks to cull invasive plants and do general clean-up work. So now, whenever I’m out walking or hiking and I see trash laying around, I think to myself, “What Would Jesus Do?”. I found an old discarded styrofoam cooler and I used it to pick up some of the trash and put it back in the dumpster. We’re all in this together, right?





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