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The benefits of the Rosary are many

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The benefits of the Rosary are many
While non-Catholics (many of them) do not think much of the Rosary. I guess it is because of 'Mary'. They seem to have some real problems with our devotion to her. Yet the Rosary is a powerful tool for prayer. I would say it is my main form of prayer when I am not sitting in silence. I can do that for only so long, and then my mind starts to jump up and down, bounce off the inner wall of my skull, and wow, my brain can be insane in what it brings up. An endless chain of thoughts, often unrelated, but it can make prayer very hard.
I have been saying the Rosary for at least 65 years, and of course how I say it, and even the why, has changed and hopefully evolved. I say the Rosary very slowly, it does calm the mind, as well as the body. Fingering the beads is a good release of bodily tension so helps with relaxation. It keeps me focused on Christ, whether I am meditating on the mysteries of the Rosary, or simply being inwardly silent as the beads pass through my fingers.
The Rosary can allow one to pray and be in the Lord's presence for extended periods of time because the body, mind, brain, and yes the soul is brought into a place of repose in God's presence.
On days when nothing works, I simply focus on the words and still pray slowly, it keeps me centered, even if perhaps still restless. It is a beautiful prayer to say while walking, the rhythm is like a dance, breathe in, pray, breathe out.
The Rosary is a Christ-Centered prayer and is not bound to certain mysteries in the New Testament, One can focus on any part of scripture and think about, or simply be with. This overtime opens up the heart to pray throughout the day. Prayer becomes one's plank into the Heart of Jesus Christ.
The article below is well worth reading if you want to know more about how the Rosary works for one man. Each will have their own story on this profound, healing, Christ-centered prayer-Br.MD
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