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The Cursed Picture & the Ghostly Cats

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The Cursed Picture & the Ghostly Cats
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations
Sacramento Paranormal Help
Email: jazmaonline@gmail.com
Sacramento Paranormal Haunted Hotline: 916 203 7503
A Very Live Pekinese Name Hannah
HPI receives many phone calls on the HPI Paranormal Hotline and we also get inundated with paranormal themed emails.  As for investigations.  Well, for a while there we were getting a lot of investigations, which kept our weekends booked up.  Now everyone is deathly afraid of COVID-19 and the investigations have dwindled down to zero.  When we conduct investigations during the pandemic, we are very cautious.  We practice social distancing, wearing a mask and sanitize places where we have been.  HPI has been assisting people via email and phone calls.  Below are two examples.
"Hi, I stumbled across your ad and could use some advice or info on a very dangerous and thoroughly 'cursed' framed picture that I have. (if you believe in such things) I'm just guessing you do by the picture of you holding the crystal and stuff. The last 3 people that owned it had their lives ripped to shreds by it, and a very close personal friend/lover ended up getting killed by some scumbag in Stockton after I gave it to her to take home. Can this happen or is it just coincidences? I was going to sell it on Craigslist but people always back out at the last minute, after they hear its history. It's sitting in a little storage unit that I rented 3 years ago, all by itself cause I won't bring it back into my place. It is like no picture I have ever seen before and whoever did it is unbelievably talented. I just wondered if you've ever seen or dealt with anything like this. I'll attach a picture of it if I can figure out how. CASE # M925K594U3900 . Thanks for your time. Sincerely, Matthew Jackson"
Take the picture and bless it with holy water.  Make the sign of the cross over the picture, using the holy water.  Say prayers while sprinkling the holy water over the picture. Afterwards you can purify the picture with fire.  When the picture is set on fire, ask for angels to end the curse.  In one of our past cases a lady named Stayna had a copy of a cursed picture called The Crying Boy.  As soon as Stayna took possession of the picture, she got into a severe car accident injuring her back.  She went into financial ruin and had to file bankruptcy.  Her son caught a severe case of pneumonia and almost died.  This was too much for Stayna and she contacted me immediately.  I took possession of the picture and took it out of her house.  I blessed the picture with holy water and set it on fire on hallowed ground (in a cemetery).  Two weeks later Stayna contacted me and told me that everything was back to normal again.  Her back was not working, her son was very healthy and she recently received a promotion and now has an increased income.  She was very grateful for my services.
Below is a paranormal investigation that was canceled.  The client contacted me with a series of text messages and phone calls.
Date to be there: January 9, 2020, Saturday. Time to be there: 6pm. Contact Person: Erik.  Case # 91V6622S1248. Address to be at: 500632 Ro'd Isle Drive, Sacramento. Activity: Erik has been on the police force for 20 years and in the past he has had some paranormal experiences, like seeing his deceased father. One time he had an entity whisper things in his ear. Another time he saw a ghostly woman in white. The activity he is experiencing now are two ghostly cats, they snuggle against him in bed, lick his fingers and explore around the house. When he turns on the light, the ghostly cats disappear. Erik just wants validation that he is not going crazy and that he is actually seeing these ghostly cats, also recently he saw a ghostly dog. He said they are friendly and a cleansing is not necessary, he just wants validation. – THE CLIENT CANCELED THIS INVESTIGATION. NO REASON GIVEN. 
Special Note:
What was odd, the very next day after Erik cancelled, I was contacted by an officer at the Sacramento Sheriff's Office.  The officer said that Erik did not show up to work and I was the last person he texted.  They wanted to know if I knew where Erik was.  Things must be back to normal, because the Sacramento Sheriff's Office never contacted me again, so Erik must have returned to work.  HPI has conducted many cases of ghostly animals.  One case was in Citrus Heights of a ghostly German Shepherd that was seen jumping out of a kitchen window.  We were able to confirm that there was a ghostly German Shepherd, because we captured an EVP of a dog barking.  We have investigated ghostly horses, ghostly cats and even ghostly chickens!  Yes, I believe animals have souls and that they live on in the afterlife.
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