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Unintentionally entertaining.




 I had a funny experience a few days before Christmas. It was one of those experiences that I think I’ll always remember, but it’s safer to write it down now rather than trust my memory. I sometimes don’t even remember what I had for lunchHam sandwich? Salami sandwich? Sardines & crackers?

Well, my old high school friend Luke who lives in Nebraska texted that he’d be driving to Des Moines to deliver Christmas presents, and asked if I wanted to meet him for lunch at the Wagon Wheel Restaurant next to the Interstate. I said “Sure!” seeing as how I’m retired now and my social interactions are fewer and far in between. He suggested we meet at 12:00 noon.

So I arrived at the Wagon Wheel, and a young hostess seated me in the big room in the back that has a nice view of a grassy hillside that slopes down to the Interstate. As I perused the menu, I started to worry that Luke hadn’t arrived yet, and I glanced at my phone to check the time. 

It was exactly 11:00 AM.

From the corner of my eye, I saw the waitress approaching with a glass of water. I’m not sure what kind of confused, painful look I had on my face, but when she asked, “How are you today?” I slowly looked up at her and very seriously said, “I just realized I’m an hour early.”

Well, that’s all it took. She completely lost her composure. She laughed out loud and kept repeating, “That’s so funny! That’s so funny!”. It wasn’t just a little ‘tee-hee’ kind of laugh. That woman was turning from side-to-side and shaking her head and guffawing loud enough for everyone in the restaurant to hear. 

Eventually she regained her composure enough to ask, “Would you like some coffee while you’re waiting?”. I was still a bit shell-shocked over my faux pas, and I meekly replied, “I think I’m going to drive back home for now.”

So, I slowly drove back home on my lonely gravel road. I checked the mailbox, read through the ads, looked at the electric bill, and walked around inside the house for a little while. Then I went back outside to my pickup and got back on the road.

I got to the restaurant parking lot about the same time Luke did. We walked in the door, and the same hostess that seated me earlier grabbed some menus and smiled and said, “Shall we try this again?” (Oh look! It’s that funny old man...haha). Then the same waitress from before walked up to our table and said, “Welcome back!”. I wanted to say something clever, but all I could come up with was, “Hey, I remember you!”.

Well, Luke and I had a good lunch and a good talk, then we went to the register to pay. As the cashier rang up our bill our waitress was standing on one side of her, and another random employee was standing on the other side. The three of them were smiling at us. 

I’m pretty sure that the next time I go to the Wagon Wheel Restaurant my photo will be on the wall with ‘Customer Of The Month’ underneath in big letters. 

It was a very memorable experience.



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