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Tightly wrought

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Gordian know.jpg

Tightly wrought

Deep down in the depths
In places perceived as dark,
Hidden from view,
Maybe forgotten
Or perhaps feared,

Is a knot,

Gordian like,
Tightly wrought,
Of the one who is its creator,
Even if brought forth unknown
In ignorance.
Purposeful none the less
Even if its time is outlived,
It cannot be undone.
The burden heavy,
If not felt,
Its influence seen
The effects witnessed
By those who know the one suffering,
Who perhaps see their reflection
In the dark mirror presented before them.

Deeper yet


Is love deeper than the ocean,
Stronger than death,
With infinite patience
Waits in silence
For the time of the great unraveling,
The awakening,
The knot at rest
Undone at last,
The constriction over
Breath comes

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